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It's time you grew up! Not only did you not apply safe sex when dating, now this young man is the father of your child and you've decided you love your ex! What makes you think your ex wants you back and if you're pregnant it's doubtful he'll want the responsibility of someones child. To carry another man's child when you professed your love to him and then race off to your ex is not high on a man's list and they find it hard to cope with and who could blame them.

The father of your child has every right to support his child and visit with his child. You will or have already broken this young man's heart. It appears that you are thinking about no one but yourself and that includes not thinking of the guy you are with or your baby. "Ex" means it's over!

Time to stand on your own two feet and forget the "Ex" and if you don't love the father of your baby then be honest, but be mature enough to let him be part of the baby's life and also mature enough to bring a healthy baby into the world, look after that baby and learn some independence before you rush off into another love affair!

Well, you've got yourself in a pickle. The best advice is to be honest with the father and make sure he understands that this is your decision. Be sure to let the father know that he is going to have relationship with his child even if the relationship between the two of you is no longer there. Good luck.

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U are 17 and Pregnant u dont love ur boyfriend dont want kids but its what he wanted you love another guy and that guy knows that you are Pregnant and still wants 2 b with u what do you do?

Tell Your Mum Everything First. Then Break Up With the Boy You Least Like. If He Asked Why Just Say ItWasn't Working Out But You Still Want Him To See The Child. But If Your Thinking For The Child, Stay With the Guy That Can Support The Child.

What do you do if your boyfriend's ex girlfriend is pregnant with his child and the only reason why he broke up with her is because he didn't what the responsibility but you still are in love with him?

Depends on if he still loves her...or if he loves you. Because if he still loves her, you just have to let him go and move on. But, if he does love you, you have to realize the fact he's going to be a father, and have a child with him and theres nothing that can change that.

Is Michelle Duggar pregnant with her next child?

At this time, she is not but she would love to be(:

Could you be get pregnant if you used a condom and it did not break at all and it was the day after your period?

It's definitely not. If you used a condom and it did not break at all, you can't be get pregnant whenever you make love.

How do i break up with my girlfriend who i love and loves me?

If you love her don't break up with her. If you still love her and want to break up, just say something like i still love you then explain why you want to break up. If you dont love her anymore, just say that ive lost those feelings for you and i want to break up. you dont have to explain anything else if you dont want to

What should you do if your ex had an affair and got pregnant and you already have a child together but she wants to terminate her pregnancy as she doesn't want his kid but you still love her?

Key word is that you still Love her. Work together life is short I'm sure by now your ex is glad that she can have you for support. It will all work out in the end if you still love her.

How do you break up with someone even if you still love them?

don't because you still love them FOLLOW UR HEART :)

My wife got pregnant while cheating?

if you love her raise the child.. if not kick her to the curb with the man that got her pregnant.

If a parent doesn't love their child should the child still listen to them?


How do you break up with someone you still love but recently the relationship is causing me stress?

If you still love him then you could try telling him that you would like to take a break because you are under a lot of stress and you still love but just want to be away from him for a little while.

What can you do when you want to break up with him even though you love him but do not have the guts to do it because you are pregnant with his child?

If you love him as you say and are pregnant with his child then there should be no problem being together or getting married. However it appears you have a problem which you did fully explain and have reasons of your own for not wanting to settle down with him. Honesty is the best policy and yes, he does have a right to see his own child once the baby is born. Sit down and communicate how you feel and then separate from him, but be sure he understands he has every right to see his child if he so chooses.

Does an ex still love you after you broke up a year ago?

it can be possible for an ex to still love you after a year of the break up...i know i still love my ex and its been about 2 years

My ex broke up with me but i think she still likes me what do i do?

Ask yourself this quetions :" Can I love her even thought she is the one who break me" " Would she break me again" " Do i still love her" Slowly you'll know what to do!

How do you break up with your boyfriend who is a jerk but you still love him?

uhhh... welll, why do you 'love' someone who is a jerk?

How do you tell your boyfriend he got you pregnant?

Honey, I think you should know I love you, and I always will. But now love us. I am pregnant. I know it is yours because i only love you. Baby still love me and stay with me. Will you?

What if you love your girlfriend but she wants to break up with you?

Tell her how you fell and if she still wants to break up then get over it

How should you approach breaking up with someone you love when you are going back to your child's mother?

To break up with the one you love just to go back with the mother of your child is not the solution. What you should be doing is staying with the person you love; meet with the mother of your child and tell her you will support your child and be part of that child's life and there is no reason why the mother of your child can't get out and work. To break up with the one you love and end up living with the mother of your child will only create heartbreak between the parents of that child and it will not be a good environment for that child.

What do you do if you break up with your boyfriend but you realize that you still love him?

You tell him how you feel

Should you break up with him if hes still in love?

no...try to work it out

How do you know if he is still in love whith you?

When you break up with him he begs for you back:)

Does daddy Yankee still love his wife?

There is nothing that could break that.

Do you still produce discharge when you are pregnant?

It depends what kind of discharge you're on about love!

What do you do if your boyfriend cheated on you and he still loves you and you love him?


Your in love with a person who told your best friend he still loves you but he likes his ex also should you break up with him or just forget about it and keep loving him?

If you really love him then you wouldn't break up with him I would do the opposite and still love him even if he likes his ex

What do you do when your with someone else and cant forget your first love the father of my child?

Do what your heart tells you; if you still like the other guy and he loves you then break up with the guy your going out with, but try not to hurt his feelings.

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