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How do you break up with someone you are completely in love with?

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2010-02-24 20:43:49

This answer is hard to answer without asking more questions.

If you're completely in love with someone, why is there a need

to break up with them?

Are they rich enough for you?

Do they not have a future?

Are they developing habits that are not good for them leading a

path for self destruction?

Or did you realize that the person had a really kinky


Have you lost trust in yourself, that you don't think you

deserve to be with the person you're in love with?

If you are really in love with someone, you shouldn't be running

away from the relationship if it turns sour. To love someone is to

be with them no matter what is going on. If they have reached a

very harsh low, you need to be the crutch they lean on. It

shouldn't matter how much money they have, or if they have no set

plans for the future. If you love them, something such as moving to

another town shouldn't be an object for breaking off the


This question can be accused of not having enough information to

answer, but the truth is, you need to actually ask yourself, "why

do I want to ruin love?"

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