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You always have to remain true to your own heart. We can't let people lead us around by the nose and live our lives according to their set of rules. We have to often stand alone and make our own decisions. To stay with someone you don't love is cruel and unkind and even though it hurts you to do so, you are setting your boyfriend free to find someone else. This isn't cruel to him, but kind. Don't let your friends dictate to you what you should do in your personal life. It's none of their business! If they give you a rough time, you stand on two good solid feet and face it! Look 'em straight in the eye. If they walk away from your friendship they were never good friends to you in the first place and I call this "shaking the old apple tree." It shows you who your real friends are and a short-cut to who the free-loaders in your life are. If your boyfriend is any kind of man he won't allow this behavior to go on either even though you have split up. Although you may not see it now, over half of these friends you now know, you won't see or hear from again in the future. You will go on to make new friends. My father once told that if you come through life with 5 good friends you are blessed. I believe that, for we can have many aquaintences in our lives, but friends that stick by us for the good and bad times are the ones we are so fortunate to have. You sound like a strong young lady, so start being strong! Do what you have to do and I think you will be surprised that at least a handful of your friends will still be behind you. If you aren't true to your own heart then you become a prisoner inside yourself and like a flickering flame on a candle you'll lose the inner strength and spirit that God intended all of us to have. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you break up with your boyfriend without your friends being mad at you?
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What to do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and your best friends boyfriend likes you?

You should break up with your boyfriend and get your best friends instead

Why does your boyfriend want to remain friends with his ex?

The real question is why should it bother you. Either trust that its just being friends, or break up and move on because if you can't trust your boyfriend your not going to have a happy relationship.

How do you break your boyfriend's heart?

cheating on me with my friends that are close to me

Is there a way you could break up with your boyfriend without him getting mad?

Yes. spread a rumor to his friends, and then move to Alaska or something

What do you do if your boyfriend is being a?

u break up.

How do you break up with your boyfriend without ruining your friendship?

It is best to move on when you break up with a boyfriend. It's seldom both can remain friends because one is always in love with the other. 'Ex' means just that ... no longer having a relationship with this person!

What do you do when you break up with you boyfriend?

Do something with your friends to keep him off your mind.

Your boyfriend friends hates you what should you do?

I'd talk to your boyfriend then if he doesn't agree with you, break up with him :) hope this helps ")

How do you get your boyfriend to stop being clingy?

you break up with him

What do you do when your boyfriend chooses friends over you?

if your boyfriend chooses friends over you, you know its time for a.......... IM REALLY SORRY but its time for a break up. =C

What do you do if you feel your friends boyfriend isn't good enough for her?

maybe u should try 2 break them up without letting them know u did it then u can get tips online or from ur friends on how u can ask her out

What to do if your friends fall out with your boyfriend?

If your friends are warning you that your boyfriend is not a nice guy and you should break up with him then they are seeing the reality of his character and love has blinded you so it would be a good idea to listen to your friends. If your friends just think he does not fit in with their crowd and your boyfriend is a nice guy, then your friends are not your true friends and you should remain loyal to your boyfriend. Be wise, take a second look at your boyfriend and consider what your friends are saying about him if they don't feel he treats you well.

If a girl I like has a boyfriend should I ask her about him without giving any wrong impressions If so how I dont want to lose her. So being friends is ok I think?

I'd be happy with what I had, but if they break up, be there for her. And if you happen to speed up that process on your on, so be it.

Should you break up with your boyfriend even if your madly in love with him because of your friends or because of his?

Some people would say yes. But, I say no. If you're madly in love with him, boyfriend comes before friends. And if your friends are telling you that it's him or them, then they're not worth your time. They're not real friends. Don't break up with him because of friends. That's just stupid. No offense.

None of your friends like your boyfriend and they all say hes mean should you break up with him?

Heck nooooo!! Who cares what your friends think. My friends didnt like my boyfriend either but i didnt care. If they are really your friends and care about you they will let you be with whoever makes you happy. Unless hes mean to you but just talk to your boyfriend if he is really being mean to them.

You hate your best friends boyfriend what do you do?

boyfriend before friend?? no. ya she wouldn't break up with him because u don't like him but she not going to stop what shes doing to be with him she has friends to and i would definetly NOT treat my friends like that but the best thing u can do is still hate him but nothin can break them up. i learned that

What do you do if all your friends hate your boyfriend but you love him a lot and they want you to break up with him?

just tell your friends that you are not gonna do it they cant tell you what to do!

Should you break up with your boyfriend because your friends hate him?

No you should still date him its not your friends choice who you date it's yours!

What do you do if your friends want to break you and your boyfriend up?

If they were your friends, they would not want to do that to you! You should tell them that you like him and they have to deal with it and cooperate with that. If they are good friends, they will do so and this problem will be over.

How do you break up with your boyfriend without hurting him?

be honest about your feelings. think about what is better for you.

What if your boyfriend threatened to break up with you because he thought you were being unfair in a silly game?

Well what kind of boyfriend is he then threatening to break up with you over a silly game. I would talk to him about it and ask why was he being so childish.

If you still like your boyfriend after a break up what should you do?

Obviously you want something you cant have . So first try just being friends and see if maybe you think you like him but really just like being his friend. :)

What does it really mean if your boyfriend asks you to continue being friends?

Your boyfriend still showes care to you that means. He has a feeling that he you guys should break up but still be good friends :) thats very generous of him. I did the same with my girlfriend and we ended up being fine friends :) So he just wants to be your friend now... He still shows respect towards you, not a bad thing. You must have had a very kewl bf :D

How do you get a girl who has a boyfriend to like you?

It might be hard to accept, but the girl already has a boyfriend and trying to get her to like you would not be the right thing to do. The only advice I can give you is to become friends, nothing more, with her. After all, she may not be with this boyfriend much longer and if you are already friends when the relationship ends with her boyfriend, you may have a better chance of being with her afterwards. After all, you'll be the person she can rely on or the "shoulder to cry on" as she deals with the pain of the break up.

How can you still be friends with your ex after a break up?

By being mature.