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There is no way without hurting yourself because it will hurt

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Q: How do you break your arm without hurting in?
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How do you break your arm without it hurting?

Take lots of drugs.

How do you break your arm without hurting it?

Often when you break a bone, you don't feel it for awhile as you are in shock.

Why is your child arm hurting?

no his arm isn't hurting.

Is there a way to break your leg without it hurting?

There is no way to break a leg without it hurting because when you break something it hurts. It's impossible and can lead to other issues if not checked by a doctor and reset if necessary. It could in extreme cases cause even death.

What to say to a girl if you want to break up with her without hurting her?

there is no way

How do you break your arm without pain?

you dont

Im 9 and you want to throw a gyroball in baseball how can you do it without hurting your arm?

ya can't

How do you break up with your boyfriend without hurting him?

be honest about your feelings. think about what is better for you.

How to break your arm without pain?

The only way to break your arm without pain would be while you were under sedation. You would have pain upon waking from the sedation, however.

How do you break your arm without any pain?

you can't

How do you break up with a guy with out hearting his feelings?

If the guy really loves you there is no way to break up with him without hurting his feelings....

How can I break up with my girlfriend without hurting letting her break up with me instead?

You should stop showing affection to her. You should start being a bit more rigid to her. After seeing this she might break up herself.

How do you break up with a twelve year old girl without hurting her feelings?

You tell her I hate you

Plaster on your elbow how can you get it off without it hurting?

peel it off slowly dont just rip it off you'r arm

Did Ender mean to break the other boys arm?

No he didn't mean to. Ender just wanted the boy to stop hurting him so Ender tried to inflict pain on him. When he pulled the other boy, he didn't expect him to go flying and break his arm. It was all unintentional.

Have you a fracherd arm if you have follen over?

If you have fallen on your arm, there is no way to know whether or not your arm is fractured without seeing a physician. Falling on your arm can be a strain, bruise, a hairline fracture, or a break.

How do you break up with someone without hurting their feelings?

You can drift apart and the other person will think yall are not meant to be together,

How do you say goodbye without hurting on my part?

We are only human and break ups hurt - all you can do is take the time that is needed to get by it.

What are the risks of figure skating?

A bad fall could break your leg, ankle etc., if you land on your arm, you could break your arm and wrist, hurting your spine badly could paralyze you, injuries may ruin your life if it can't be cured or you may need surgery.

What if your heart is hurting and your right arm is numb?

the heart stop pumping blood to your right arm

What is the best way to break up with your boyfriend without hurting his feelings?

theyll act tough they wont show theyre feelings

How can you break your sim's arm?

It is actually not possible to break your sim's arm.

How do you break bricks without getting hurt?

You need to have enough power and have to be really strong in order to break bricks without hurting your fists or your hand. To break bricks you must have lots of powers and you also need to have your strengths. You must break the brick in the correct way and make sure you be really careful not to hurt yourself.

How do you break your leg without hurting your self?

This answer is logical but you must either be on painkillers, asleep and so when you wake up it only hurts a lot

Did Shawn Michaels break his arm?

Yes Shawn Michels did break his arm.