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How do you breathe when snorkeling?

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just breathe normally through your mouth just keep your head down or it will fill with water! swim on the surface and when you lift you head out of the water makesure that your snorkel has not filled with water before you try to breathe through it again!! have fun ---- I like to "sip" the air over my tongue. It seems to trap droplettes moer effectively. Nice not to aspirate :} Actually, this answer is incorrect. When snorkelling, you take a deep breath, dive down and as u reach the surface u blast the water in the snorkel out and repeat the process. If you are jus swimming on the surface it is not technically snorkelling, but some people like to call it skin diving to clarify. Or -- as you ascend, you can point the snorkel straight back so it's entirely vertical and puff a little air into it at depth. As you ascend, the air in the snorkel will expand, forcing water out. Just as you hit the surface, vigorously rotate your head foprwards and downwards, so the snorkel moves roughly 1890 degrees and the opening is now in the air, nearly vertical. Blast a little air out to remove the tiny amount of water remaining. Also, I think the act of "snorkelling" refers to whatever you choose to do from the time you leave the boat until the time you leave the water. So this would include phases when you're breathing on the surface, diving to depth, holding your breath underwater, clearing your snorkel, etc.

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What year did snorkeling originate?

Over 5000 years ago swimmers used hollow reeds to breathe while searching for sea food in shallow water.

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Snorkeling is done at islands and coastlines where coral reefs are located.

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What is the correct spelling snorkeling or snorkelling?

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What is a good safety plan to follow when snorkeling with your buddy?

When snorkeling with your buddy,its a good safety plan to follow the one up, one down system

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The noun snorkeling is a verbal noun (gerund) which are normally considered non count (mass) nouns. Rather than attempting a clumsy plural like 'snorkelings', you should use the present participle adjective, for example, 'snorkeling sessions' or 'snorkeling dives', etc.

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