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How do you breed Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed to Diamond?

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To breed Pokemon from Poekmon Fire Red to Pokemon Diamond you must put Pokemon Fire Red into the DS slot, turn the game on, select Pokemon diamond, press start and then in stead of pressing your file, scroll down until you see migrate from Pokemon Fire Red. This will bring you to your Pokemon Fire Red PC box and you can choose six Pokemon to migrate. After that you must go to Pal Park on Route 221 and catch those migrated Pokemon there. Don't worry, even if they're legendary, you catch them in one try. - BEWARE - POKEMON MIGRATED TO DIAMOND CANNOT BE MIGRATED BACK

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Can you breed Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, but they must be compatible to breed.

Can a Pokemon breed in Pokemon deamend?

I assume you are talking about Pokemon Diamond. If you are, then yes, you can breed Pokemon in Diamond.

Can you trad gba games to ds games?

Yes if you have Pokemon firered and Pokemon diamond for instance you can migrate your firered Pokemon into your diamond version!

How do you get Pokemon from Pokemon Silver onto Pokemon Diamond?

correct me if im mistaken but if you take silver and firered for example and trade them then u firered to diamond

Pokemon firered transfer to Pokemon Diamond?


Can you get Pokemon freom diamond to FireRed?


Can you breed tauros in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

Yes you can breed any Pokemon except legendaries and preevolved Pokemon.

Can you breed the starter pokemon with a ditto in Pokemon FireRed?


How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon firered to Pokemon Pearl?

You can insert FireRed and then go to Pal Park in Pokemon Diamond\Pearl then get your Pokemon from there.

What kind of Pokemon can you breed in FireRed?

You can breed all Pokemon except: Legendaries, Babies and Eggs.

What Pokemon can not breed in Pokemon FireRed?

The only type of pokemon that can't breed in fire red are legendary pokemons.

Is mamoswine on Pokemon FireRed?

No it's on Pokemon diamond and pearl.

How do you clone your Pokemon in Pokemon firered?

Breed a ditto and the Pokemon you want cloned.

How do you get electibuzz in Pokemon diamond?

migrate from firered

Unlock everything in Pokemon Diamond?

you have to use action replay or to get alot of Pokemon migrate from a firered and use action replay on firered to get all Pokemon except the one from diamond

Where do you find a Chikorita Pokemon FireRed?

Chikorita cannot be caught in Pokemon FireRed. However, you can catch a Bayleef in Pokemon Colosseum, transfer it into FireRed, and breed it to get a Chikorita egg.

What Pokemon can you find in Pokemon Diamond if you have Pokemon firered in the slot?

some fire Pokemon, vulpix or just look in your game and don't be lazy.Also in diamond once you entered firered in the slot migrate your Pokemon if the regions kanto or hoenn then enter pal park in diamond and you'll get to enter a show then you will be able to catch Pokemon from firered there.

How do you get elekid on pokemon firered?

You must breed from Electabuzz.

How can you get igglybuff in Pokemon FireRed?

You can breed jigglypuff or wigglytuff to get it.

How do you get an igglypuff on Pokemon FireRed?

Breed Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff

When does tangela evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Tangela does not evolve in Pokemon FireRed. It didn't get an evolution until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, which was released after FireRed.

Can you get Pokemon from Pokemon firered on to Pokemon battle revaltion?

Yes, migrate your firered Pokemon to diamond, pearl or platinum then use your DS internet connection to put your firered Pokemon in battle revolution.

How do you get Lugia on Pokemon Diamond?

you cant you have to migrate it from Pokemon firered/leafgreen

Where is gible in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant catch gible in firered or leafgreen only on Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum

Is there a way to get mewto on Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot see it in the wild in Pokemon Diamond; you have to transfer it from FireRed/LeafGreen.