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First of all, is your RC truck a kit or is it almost ready to run?

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Q: How do you build a gas powered remote control truck?
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How do you get a control for the toy truck on poptropica?

To gain control of the toy truck in the game Poptropica you must have the remote control. The remote control is located on the top of the refrigerator. Once you obtain this, you will be able to move the truck as you wish.

Name something you might need a remote control for?

Car or truck, remote starter

Where is the battery in shrink ray island?

in the remote control truck

Why your truck will not start in the morning using the remote starter?

If all of the other remote functions work, the problem is most likely in the truck. Check all of the connections and the relay that control the remote starter functions of the truck.

How do i program a 96 Chevy truck remote control?

I do not know lol

What do you do to the battery on shrink ray island?

you put it in the control remote then back to the truck

Which websites have affordable remote control trucks?

Someone looking to purchase an affordable remoter control truck online could do so on many sites. Looking at Walmart, Target and Kmart sites, one could find an affordable remote control truck.

Where can one purchase a remote control fire truck?

You can purchase a remote control fire truck at retailers like KB Toys, Toys "R" Us, Walmart and any other major toys retailer. Availability is higher during the Christmas season.

What do you do with the remote control car on Shrink Ray Island?

You don't do anything with the remote, but you need it so you can drive the toy truck. But you never need to use it.

Is the Lego technic crane truck remote control?

it isn't but My Lego 8258 Crane Truck is motorised with remote control using 1 IR receiver, 1 XL motor and 1 M motor. The XL motor is placed in where the V8 engine is to move the crane truck forward and backwards. The M motor is placed between the battery pack and the cab to control the steering

What is the best remote control truck under $200?

If you're looking for a fast truck, then the Mattel RC tractor trucks are very good and close to $100.

How much does a T Maxx remote control truck cost?

A T Maxx remote control truck varies in price depending on the model. It can range from $400 to $1000 in cost for higher end models. These prices are only for the trucks and don't include any upgrades or accessories that can be bought for additional funds.

Where can one purchase an RC Nitro truck?

One of the places that one can purchase a remote Control Nitro truck is on the website Amazon. One can also visit the official Nitro RCX website to purchase the truck.

How do you get the battery in shrink ray island?

Use the screwdriver from the kitchen drawer to take the battery from the truck to use in the TV remote control.

How do i get the battery out of the truck on poptropica?

first u have to get the remote control and then u go to the truck when u do u take the battery out then u us it for something else then cone back then u fix it

What is a good brand of pickup truck that is diesel powered?

One good brand of pickup trucks that is diesel powered is Ram. They are releasing the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel pickup truck that will be diesel powered.

What should you get your 11 year old brothers for Christmas?

a shooting video game, a kids' dj set, or a remote control monster truck

How do you find the remote control of the toy truck in shrink ray island on poptropica?

If you want to find it, it will be on top on the refrigerator, but you will not be able to get it until later in the game.

Do many mp3 players come with a remote control?

It really depends on what type of mp3 player you want. Most of the mp3 players that have a remote were made for your car or truck. Most mp3 player docks come with remotes.

How can you get the remote for the remote control truck on top of fridge on shrink ray island in poptropica?

first you get the grape from the table then turn on the toaster and then move the salt shaker on the left side of the spatula the jump on the other side and the salt flings you on the fridge

Where do you use the battery on shrink ray island?

You can use the screwdriver from the kitchen drawer to take the battery from the truck to use in the TV remote control. (see related question)

Name something a ten year old boy might ask santa for?

bicycle video game remote control car money gi joe computer truck

What does it cost to build a Ford truck?

Approx for ford to build a new truck is between 3500 and 4900 hundred dollars at the plant

How do you get batteries for the toy truck in shrink ray island?

you get it our of the remote but first you need to find a screw driver to get the batteries out of the remote

How do you get the battery out of the toy truck on shrink ray island?

you get a battery from the remote