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Q: How do you build a hydrogen powered engine?
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What can be powered by hydrogen?

anything as long it is related as engine or motor

How do you build a water powered engine?

Well directly a water powered engine hasn't yet been invented, but indirectly it has. By putting H2O through electrolysis you can separate its two components into H(2) and O. The hydrogen can then be used to fuel a hydrogen fuel cell engine while the Oxygen will be emitted harmlessly into the atmosphere. after the engine uses the Hydrogen, it will dispose of it and the hydrogen can effectively react with the Oxygen in the atmosphere to re create water. this water can be recycled to begin the process again and in theory, you could create an engine with infinite power on as little as a gallon of water.

Can a jet engine be powered by hydrogen combustion?

Yes. See link below.

When can you buy hydrogen powered cars?

You could build one today. I also hear that at least one Hydrogen powered car reached the US Market. Check with a Honda dealer or any dealer to see if there are any models available.

How do motors on hydrogen cars differ from combustion or hybrid engines?

Like a gas combustion engine, a hydrogen engine relies on the combustion process - in this case, combustion that results when hydrogen is combined with oxygen. Fuel cells in a hydrogen-powered car then convert this mechanical energy into electrical energy.

What is a helicopter powered by?

They are either powered by a turbine engine like a jet engine or a piston engine.

How are rockets powered?

Rockets are powered by oxydation of liquid hydrogen fuel.

How can you power a car by using water?

Cars which run on Hydrogen are more commonly confused with water-powered cars. So, Per see, the car is dubbed "water powered" because the car extracts the hydrogen from the water and uses the gas to run its' engine. It does this by splitting the oxygen from the Hydrogen/water by way of electrolisys in a small tank in the boot, feeding the engine in the same way as a petrol powered car. But a Hydrogen powered car uses only one or two moving parts in the engine. For alot of people, the thought of the worlds' fuel resources deminishing would be the end of the automobile. And efforts to design a new engine/fuel cell were proving very difficult until the Hydrogen cell was introduced not too long ago. Many, if not all, are hailing the design as the saviour of mankind.

Can you build an engine that runs on and reuses water?

You could make one that ran off hydrogen.

Who built the first gas powered automobile?

The first person to build a gas engine was built by Daimler or Karl Benz.

Do you still use hydrogen powered airships?

There never were hydrogen powered airships. Hydrogen provided lift, not propulsion. Propulsion came from combustion engines using diesel or gasoline.

How did the Wright brothers build a plane?

They used strong, light, and flexible material. The plane was powered by a simple four cylinder engine.

A device powered either by a piston engine and prop or by a jet engine?

Airplane is a device powered either by a piston engine and prop or by a jet engine.

How does a Hydrogen powered car work?

Generally, a Hydrogen powered car runs by using hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity in a fuel cell, which is then used to power an electric traction motor that runs the car.

Creator of the first boat powered by steam engine?

Robert Fulton was the creator of The Steam Powered Engine Boat.

What powered the first automobile engine?

In 1769, the steam engine was the first automobile engine capable of human transport. In 1807, the first gas powered engine was an internal combustion engine.

Who invented the hydrogen powered car?

beau rouse

Name three ways cars might be powered in the future?

Hydrogen,Energy,Air and solar powered

Why is the sun going to run out?

The sun is powered by the fusion of hydrogen, and it has a finite amount of hydrogen at its core.

Is there research on hydrogen powered cars nowadays?

yes, for sure. hydrogen cars are created today.

What is a challenge to using hydrogen as a fuel because hydrogen powered cars create less pollution than gasoline powered cars?

New fueling stations that can handle hydrogen would have to be built.

What were the first automobiles powered by?

Steam. They used steam.

When was the car invernted?

Depends on your definition of "car" The first self-propelled vehicle was in 1769-- steam engine. The first internal combustion powered car was 1807..Hydrogen powered. The first gasoline IC car was 1886. First electric 1900. Seems we have come full-circle, the next reliable, available fuel will be hydrogen.

What is the first car?

in 1807, François Isaac de Rivaz designed the first car powered by an internal combustion engine fuelled by hydrogen. In 1886 the firstpetrol or gasoline powered auto-mobile the Benz Patent-Motorwagen was invented by Karl Benz.

Why was hydrogen powered car invented?

To use less oil