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How do you build a photography room?

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* Well that's a big question without a lot of information. Are you talking a darkroom or a studio and another thing what will you be taking pictures of people: Adults, men, woman, children, toddlers, infants. Animals: dogs, cats, horses, pets. well first if it is a darkroom you will need a room that is at least 10'X12' lots of shelves there are a lot of chemicals like developing solution, you will need three tables one is for an enlarger the others are for developing the film you will need trays in about 3 different sizes and you will need 3 of each size you will want A good darkroom timer developing tubes they keep the silver-oxide paper moving with the chemical you will need a red light about 40 watt frosted you can get them on-line, line to dry out your paper after developing. Make sure there are no light leaks to have a bright light above the door going into the room with a big sigh that states DO NOT ENTER WHEN LIGHT IS ON. Or you can install a lock that can only be open from the inside I use both just in case I forget to lock the door or they don't see the light if your careful you wont have any accidents. Now for a studio now both of these will be expensive but the price for a studio can be prohibitively high with lights boxes flashes and flash triggers do you want them wired or wireless I wont mention battery's you said you wanted a room oh in both of these your going to need a lot of AC outlets. you know I could sit here for hours just going on you asked a simple question but with out some more info I can go on forever and this is probably one of the biggest answers on this Wiki and theres the whole digital realm I didnt even touch on like Photoshop CS3 basic and enhanced there Adobe Darkroom just for DSLR`s Theres also Adobe After Affects 5.0 I think that's the name is the low end point and shoot digital cameras and pro-sumers that are kind of new that give you the advantages of an DSLR but with out the removable lens well I think this is where this answer ends but if I where you I would start with a book my favorites are the Dummies Sires of bright yellow books there just great for someone starting out just pick what you want to learn and put a dummies in front of it like Photography For Dummies. You can also goto:


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