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How do you build up a good relationship with a friend?

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Friendships are based on the same thing any relationship is based on. Trust, loyalty, sharing secrets, discussing your likes and dislikes and hopes and dreams. Knowing that person will be there when there are good times and bad and that you will be there for them. Knowing you can tell them anything and it won't get around to others. You love to be in their company and feel good around them.

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How can you improve your relation with your wife She love you a lot but she is confused with you her good friend?

Spend time with her and build your relationship. Figure out what she likes in a relationship and follow up that way.

How do you build up a good relationship?

Very simple answer once you can realize and understand your partner. In most cases once you have taken out the variables in a normal relationship you are left with this which defines a good, healthy relationship. **First you hit it, then you quit it**

What would you do if you liked a friend who has a girlfriend?

If your friend likes their girlfriend and their relationship is good, you should let it go. It's never a good idea to get involved in other people's relationships. And there are plenty of good, unattached people out there. If the relationship is bad, you should just wait. They will most likely break up, then you can tell your friend how you feel about them.

What makes up a good communication?

The thing that makes up a good communication is a good relationship. If there is not a good relationship there is no communication

How do you get a girl to like you after her friend messes up your relationship?

Try to get to remember how it was before her friend messed it up

How can there be joys between wife and in-laws relationship?

Just strike up a conversation with an in-law and allow them to talk about themselves/their son (they love this although it can be painful). This will be the fastest way to build a relationship with them and once this has happened you will be able to have a friend-ish relationship!

How do you ask a boy out in seventh grade?

You would as you would any other person in the world. You want to first get to know them though, and build a friend-like relationship (not too much that it's friend-zoned), and work yourself up through the relationship of things like trust, loyalty etc., and make sure they know you're there for them! Then once you think you're ready, build-up the courage to ask them out.

Commandments 4-10 help us to build up your relationship with who?

Commandments 4-10 help us to build up our relationship with other people around us.

How do you kiss in Sims 3?

You can kiss if you have good relationship, make sure you build up...flirt then later kiss. It's quite easy.

How do you build up courage to ask your friend out?

Grow a pair

How do you get a relationship with someone?

have a special friend to hook you up with a crush!

What do you tell your girl friend when you are in love with her best friend?

well first, don't tell her when your in a relationship with her. but after you break up, then go and flirt with her friend, and that will get the message across. unless you rather just tell her straight up, which wouldn't be a good idea, or telling her while your with her.

How do pollinators build up their relationship?

i dont know dont ask me

Can a sim get re married in sims 2?

I haven't tried too myself, but if you build the relationship up again, you should be able too? Yes, as long as neither sim are married and their relationship is good again.

My best friend and I have a confusing relationship?

Me and my friend have confusing relationship too. What I like to do is go up to your friend and say "Have I been doing anything wrong?." "Have I been hurting your feelings?." I would do that and then explain if your friend has been mean or just if something is bothering her. If your friend was mean explain why. If your friend has something bothering ask why and, if she explains say some reasons you can help. Whatever is going on I know you guys can keep a good relationship. Now if you just think it is a confusing relationship go talk to your friend. In a calm and nice way and kindly explain why you think it is confusing! I hope this works!

Your best friend broke up with her boyfriend what things should you do with her?

Breaking up can be really hard. Sometimes one person in the relationship wants out, sometimes they both would like to end the relationship. Be a good friend and tell her you are there for her if she wants to talk. She may not want to yet; she may be feeling a lot of hurt. Jesus will never leave or forsake you. Breaking up can be really hard. Sometimes one person in the relationship wants out, sometimes they both would like to end the relationship. Be a good friend and tell her you are there for her if she wants to talk. She may not want to yet; she may be feeling a lot of hurt. Jesus will never leave or forsake you.

What if you like your boyfriend's best friend?

Then, typically, you would break up with your boyfriend and pursue a relationship with the best friend.

What should i do when i have a girlfriend and i like my Friend?

If you are serious about the relationship and like your girlfriend more than the friend, then ignore the feelings and get over it. If you like the friend more than your girlfriend and the friend likes you, then possibly end the relationship and start a new one with your "friend". Don't be scared to break up with your girlfriend and end up cheating on her. Just remember, if you like your girlfriend more, ignore the feelings and move on; and if you like the friend more and the friend likes you, end the relationship.

How do you get sims to get a relationship going?

To build a relationship up in Sims 3, you keep interacting with the other sim a lot, and soon you will unlock new interactions with the other sim. Be aware it's not as easy as it is in sims2!! Good Luck!

Why is it a bad idea to ask your sisters friend out?

Because it complicates your relationship with your friend. Whether you eventually break up, or marry, your friend will probably stop being your friend.

Does a good relationship start with being friends?

Well, most relationship always starts with friendship. You get to know first the person and be-friend with her or him then when love comes your way it'll end up as the best relationship ever not just being friends but as partners for life.

What is the relationship between gases in magma and explosiveness of a volcano?

the relationship between gases in magma and explosiveness of a volcano is that they both build up

What does it mean when your longtime friend who you have slept with at times keeps making excuses that you and her are not compatible for a relationship but you are still there for her in every way?

I personally think that your friend has some issues that she needs to deal with before she gets in to a relationship. It is probably best if you take a step back from a sexual relationship with them and be there for them as a friend. When they are ready for a relationship you will then be there for them and have built up a certain level of trust that a relationship would need.

Why would your male friend bring up the past about what happened with your relationship?

It means he is not over you!

What is a true best friend supposed to be like?

Someone you trust> Someone who is always by your side even when you mess up in the good and bad situations. A best friend is someone who wants to help you when you get down she or he is someone who helps you with your relationship with God!A best friend is someone!!!!!!!!!!!1