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How do you build your immune system?

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The body's immune system is very complex and so to build it up

takes many avenues. The first and most important need is sleep. The

body heals itself while you sleep. Second, is good nutrition. The

body needs many vitamins and minerals as building blocks and

catalysts for enzyme activity to do its job. So eat fresh fruits

and vegetables daily! Those canned veggies are dead and do not

contain live enzymes so you need fresh ones daily for the energy

and nutrients. Heat also destroys valuable vitamins so don't cook

them til they droop. Cook only til crisp tender, but fresh is

always better. But even our foods are deficient in the vitamins

they are supposed to contain due to the many chemicals put on the

ground to force them to grow, the time it takes for transporting to

the market and the time they sit on the shelf they lose nutrition,

so taking extra multiple vitamins is necessary.

Some of the most important vitamins needed when you feel illness

coming on is vitamin C. This is found in citrus fruits in large

amounts but in other fruits as well, but an extra pill or two is

necessary during illness. Start with small doses like 250-500mg

tabs once a day and build up to 3-8,000 mg daily spread out through

out the day for managing a cold. It acts as an antihistamine and if

taken in sufficient quantities and you want the kind with

bioflavonoids (which is found in the white part of the orange

peel). Then as your cold gets better, you need to gradually

decrease or taper off the vitamin C so your body doesn't think it

has a deficiency and develop sore gums. Vitamin C is a water

soluble vitamin, so you pass what you don't use hourly. But if you

take too much you may get gas build up or loose stool. If this

happens, just back off a little on the vitamin C.

Vitamin A is also crucial for good health especially of the

mucus membranes of the nose, throat, mouth and lungs. It can be

taken in a capsule or by liquid cod liver oil. 10,000 IU is the

USDA minimum daily allowance but you need more when you are sick.

30,000-50,000 IU daily to combat illness but not for more than a

couple of weeks.

Garlic is good to kill germs of various kinds. Since eating raw

garlic is not very pleasant, the capsules may be taken to get more

bang for your buck. For combating a cold take 4 capsules twice

daily. That, along with some good pro-biotics. That is the opposite

of antibiotics which kill bad bacteria. They add the good bacteria

back into your intestines where they fight bad bacteria. PB8 has a

good assortment of these good bacteria. And don't take just one a

day as it may say on the bottle. You need 4-8 per day. But if you

take an antibiotic you kill them off and really need a lot more to

build them back up. You should always take acidophilus (one form of

probiotic) after every antibiotic. There is no such thing as

overdosing on them.

This is a good start on being healthy. Exercise is also good.

Daily doses help build up your good health and some sonshine is

very good too as it is necessary for the skin to produce vitamin D.

This vitamin keeps us feeling good, so a lack causes depressed

mood. It is now known that it can help build up the bones, and

relieve some pain of arthritis. It is necessary for absorbing

calcium. It can be taken in large doses up to 1,000 IU daily.

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