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To burn a CD,

1. Insert a blank CD into your computer and wait for the CD dialogue box to pop up

2. Click open to view files to ensure that CD is empty and ready for new files

3. Choose the software to use for burning CD e.g Windows Media, Nero Burner, Quicktime pro, LG Power tools etc

4. Initiate burn new CD from software

5. Locate the music or other files to burn to inserted CD

6. Add the located files to the chosen burning software

7. Click on "start burn", "create CD" or any other instruction displayed on the software

8. Follow the instructions displayed

9. Wait for the eject instruction before you eject CD

You are through burning your new CD

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Q: How do you burn a CD?
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How do you copy a song from the computer to a CD?

You need a CD to burn it on the CD. You select which files you want and click burn.

Do CD burners burn all types of CD's?

Depends on what model you have and what Cd's you use. But usually if you have a newer model the more variety of Cd's you can burn.

Can i burn DVD with a CD-writer?

No ... but a DVD writer can burn CD's ... go figure.

why wont my music burn onto my cd's?

why wont my music burn onto my cd's??

Can you burn CD's?

of course u can - HOW!!!!!!!!!! Edit: You can find here easy step by step instructions on how to burn a CD.

How do you burn a CD on iTunes if there is not a 'Burn CD' icon on the program?

To burn tracks to a CD place the required tracks in a playlist then right click on the playlist's name and select Burn Playlist To Disc from the menu.

If you have a CD player and DVD player in your computer can you burn a CD?

That's a definite maybe. You need to have a CD R/W (reader/writer) to burn CDs. A DVD R/W will burn CDs for you. If it can burn movies, it can burn audio.

Can a CD-ROM driver burn CD?


How do you burn music onto a CD?

To burn music onto a CD, you go into the song, double click or choose open, and at the top of the screen you should see burn. Before you burn the music onto the CD, make sure there is a blank CD in the disc drive.

How do you burn bootable mac OS CD from PC?

Download an ISO of the Mac OS CD, and then burn that ISO with Nero to the CD. It will be an exact copy of that disc. If the ISO was copied from a bootable CD then the copy you burn will be bootable.

How do you burn a CD on a mac computer?

Insert a blank CD and its icon will appear on the desktop. Double click the CD's icon and drag the required files into the CD's window. Rename the CD as required. There is a Burn button in the top right corner of the CD's Window. When you are ready to burn click the Burn button. If you are gathering stuff ready to burn you can select New Burn Folder from the Finder's File menu. You can add items to this folder and click its Burn button when ready.

Can you burn a CD that already has files on it?

You can indeed burn a CD that already has files on it. You would just have to write over the other files on the CD.

Can you burn a video on a CD with Realplayer?

It is not possible to burn a video on a CD with Realplayer. Realplayer Plus allows a person to burn a video to a DVD.

Can you burn a CD on a MacBook?

depends if it has a CD writer.

Can you burn an audio CD on a CD-rw?


What does burn mean on itunes?

If you burn a song onto CD, that means that you are copying the song onto the CD

How do you burn flv files to a CD?

i have a few flv files that i am trying to burn on a cd how do i go about doing this?

Why DVD burner can't burn CD but can burn DVD?

because it is a DVD burner, not a CD burner

Can a DVD rom CD r w burn CD's?

If it is a DVD-r, it can burn CDs and DVDs.

Can you re burn a CD i messed up burning a CD and i want to know is there a way to use the same CD to burn too again?

Unless you have a rewritable CD, then no, you can't.

Can you transfer mp3 songs to a CD?

Sure. Provided the MP3s don't have DRM protection on them, you can easily burn them to a CD with most burning programs. If you want a CD that'll play in regular CD players, burn it as an "audio CD". If you only need to use it in other computers, you can burn it as a "data CD" instead.

How do you burn music to a CD which already has music burned on it?

You can't! It's burnt! You can only burn a CD-R once; you can burn a CD-RW (re-writable) as many times as you want, though.

How do you burn a CD from my laptop when the CD plays on the laptop but not in the car?

you need to burn a CD disk (it is recommend when you burn)at the moment you have burnt a data disk the only difference is that you cant see the song name on the CD it will show 'track'

How do I copy music from a cd to a blank cd?

To copy or burn music on a blank CD you will need a recordable CD. These CD's allow you to burn music or videos onto them through a computer. Blank CD's are affordable and are sold in any store.

Can I burn CD's from iTunes?

To burn a CD from iTunes: Gather the tracks you want to burn into a playlist. Right click on the playlist's name and select Burn Playlist To Disc from the menu that appears.