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How do you burn a CD and password protect it?

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A program called "Power2Go" can be easily used to burn password protected cd's. It is an all in one media recorder. You will never need another program for burning cd/dvd.

Purchase it and follow the instructions to burn a secured data disc.

Burn a Secured Data DiscThe Secured Data Disc option allows you to burn password-protected data files to a CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, Blu-ray, or HD DVD disc. You can also burn secured data disc with file name encryption. Users will not be able to see the encrypted file names without the password. Data files can include images and any other document files.

Note: You cannot burn a secured data disc in Power2Go Express Mode.

Note: Bootable data discs are not available for secured data burning.

Burn a Data Disc in Power2Go Mode

To burn a data disc in Power2Go mode, do this:

  1. Open Power2Go. In the Select a Burning Task window, click the Secured Data Disc icon, then select the type of disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray or HD DVD) you want to create.
  2. Enter a password for your secured data disc and re-enter the password again in the Confirm Password field.
  3. Check the checkbox next to Hide the file names in a secured disc if you wish to encrypt the file names in your disc. Click OK and the Data Disc window opens.
  4. Select your burning drive from the drop-down box.
  5. Highlight the files or folders you want to burn, then drag to the destination disc or click .
    • To remove a file, highlight it, then click .
    • To remove all files, click .
    • To create a new folder in the directory, click . A folder is created under the current directory.
  6. When you have added all of the content that you want to burn, click . The Configuration/Information window opens to the Burner tab, to allow you to set your burning configuration. (For more information, see Burner Tab.)
  7. Make any necessary modifications to your burning configuration, then click Burn. Power2Go burns the disc.
  8. When burning is complete, select an option in the dialog box that opens:
    • Click Print Label to print a disc label. The LabelPrint program opens. For information on using LabelPrint, see that program's online help system.

Note: LabelPrint is an optional feature for Power2Go. In your version of Power2Go, this feature may be limited or unavailable.

  • Click View Log to view the burning log. The log opens in your default TXT editor, where you can view and save it.
Using a Secured Data Disc

Disc burned with Power2Go's secured data burning technology comes with a CyberLink Security Browser so that users can view the content of the disc.

Note: After you have inserted a secured data disc into the disc drive, the Security Browser will be automatically launched and prompts you for the password.If the Security Browser does not automatically launch when you insert a secured data disc into the disc drive, please navigate to your disc drive and double-click SecurityBrowser.exe to launch the Security Browser manually.

  1. Enter your password and the Security Browser window will be displayed.Select the files you want to extract and click .
  2. Click to search for files. Type part or all of the name of the file or folder.
    • Click Size to look for files of a specific size.
    • Click Modified Date to look for files that were created or modified on or between specific dates.
  3. Click to view files without extraction.
  4. If your secured data disc has multiple subfolders, click to go up one level to the previous folder.
  5. To change how you view items in the Security Browser, click .
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