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How do you burn a CD from your computer?

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One way is to go to Windows Media, click burn and put on the songs you want. Another way is to use specialized software such as Nero or even an open source solution. You just need to have a CD/DVD burner installed in your computer, blank CDs, your music/files, and the software to create CDs.

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How do you copy a song from the computer to a CD?

You need a CD to burn it on the CD. You select which files you want and click burn.

How do you make a CD on the computer?

burn it!

How can you make a Cd out of the music folder on your computer?

burn it on to the CD

How can you download songs from the computer?

You burn to a CD.

How do you copy songs from computer to CD?

burn it

How do you copy video games?

You need a computer that can burn files into a DVD or CD. You must first copy all the files from the video game CD to your computer then burn them to a virgin CD.

What CD can be used to burn from computer to play back on CD walkmans?

Cd-R or Cd-RW

How do you burn MP3s and MP4s from a computer to discs?

You have to have a CD burner on your computer. And if you don't have a program to burn cds go to and type in CD burner programs.

How do I sing on my own a CD?

You record it on your computer. Then you burn it.

How do you burn midi files to CD or DVD?

on the computer

Do you need an iMac computer to burn a CD from Itunes?


Can a your computer CD burner burn out if you use it a lot?

A computer CD burner is, at a basic level, a laser diode. Just like a light bulb, these diodes can burn out.

Why does your computer fail to burn a copied CD every time you try to?

A computer may decline a request to burn a copied CD because the CD has scratches that may lead to read errors. When a computer cannot read the content of a CD, it cannot complete the burning process.

If you have a CD player and DVD player in your computer can you burn a CD?

That's a definite maybe. You need to have a CD R/W (reader/writer) to burn CDs. A DVD R/W will burn CDs for you. If it can burn movies, it can burn audio.

How do you burn mini DVD to PC?

you burn the cd with a match and put it with your computer there it is burned

How do you cut music then get it to a CD?

You put the cd in and click media player that you have on your computer and drag the music and when your done click burn and it will burn when its done you have all your music on there and you can play it on your computer.

How do you burn downloaded songs onto CD?

download itunes then go to limewire and press basic and download.put a blank CD in to your computer and on itunes click burn.Answerdownload itunes then go to limewire and press basic and download.put a blank CD in to your computer and on itunes click burn.Answerdownload itunes then go to limewire and press basic and download.put a blank CD in to your computer and on itunes click burn.

Why does the computer not recognize the blank CD in the CD RW to try to burn a CD?

cos you have to have a good cd, that is the real cd with the stuff in it first

How do you burn MP3 files from a computer to an audio CD?

you will need a program to burn mp3s to audio CD. try NERO. it is easy to access.

What does it mean to burn a CD?

AnswerTo burn a CD means to transfer media files on to that CDSuch as if you wanted to give some music to a friend, you would buy a blank CD and then burn your music files onto that CD. CDs can be burned from a computer, another CD, a pen drive, etc.

What is riping a CD?

When you rip a CD, you are taking all data from the CD to transfer to something else, such as a computer. If you were to burn a CD, you are putting information on that CD.

How do you burn pictures from your computer to a CD?

To burn pictures from the computer onto a CD, all a person needs is to upload the pictures to the computer first. Then open the media program and insert a disk in the drive. The computer will then ask what the user is trying to do. Select "Burn to CD", then go to the pictures file and select each picture individually or select an entire group of pictures.

Does Burning a CD onto a computer ruin the CD?

No. Well, if you burn a CD you can't change it. So, what you put on that CD stays there forever. But that's only if you burn it. A2. If you 'burn' it onto a computer, you are 'copying' it, not 'burning' it. You can only burn a CD-R or CD-RW. A commercial, pre-recorded CD, cannot be affected by a laser used for reading. If you tried to burn onto it, the software will not allow it and even if you could bypass the protection, the burning laser would have no affect on the pits stamped onto the disc.

What does it mean in iTunes to import a CD?

Importing a CD means your copying it to your computer. So if you want the CD in the computer to save it in iTunes or to burn it to a blank CD then after inserting it into the CD drive you'd want to select import.

How long does it take to burn cd with the software?

You can find cd burning software in the computer software section of a computer store, Best Buy, or online at The length of time it takes to burn a cd depends on the kind of media you are trying to copy.