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Home Entertainment DVD BurnerSome dvrs offer a firewire output, but I am going to assume you don't have one of those. The easiest way would be to get a DVD burner for your entertainment system. This way you can burn play your dvr shows directly onto the DVD and record in real time. If you want to do it to your computer you must get a capture card and a program to capture the video with. Windows Video Maker can do this but it is better to get something a little more advanced if you want to do it well. It would be much easier to spend $200 on a DVD burner for your home entertainment center than to spend $150 on a capture card and then $50-1000 on a program to capture it. Then you have to learn how to do it. It would be in your better interest to capture it to a component DVD burner
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Q: How do you burn a show from your cable company owned DVR to a DVD on your computer?
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