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How do you burn calories?


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All forms of physical exertion burn calories. Mental exertion also burns calories, although not as many. Walking, bicycling, climbing stairs, lifting weights, playing tennis, swimming, jumping up and down on a trampoline, etc., are all physical exertions which burn calories.

Excercise and activities are the best way to burn calories.


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You Burn 100 CALORIES But when you smile the strongest you burn 1,000 Calories

You can burn calories through exercise.

NO you cinsume calories in milk you dont burn them with it

You 'burn calories' through the consumption of it.

you burn 2 calories from drawing

Juices don't burn calories.

Tomatoes do not burn calories.

it is not bad to burn calories because if you do it is good but if you don't burn any than the leftover calories will turn into fat

Yes. You burn calories as long as you are living. Just breathing burns calories.

You don't burn carbs, you only burn calories and fat.

the best excercise to burn calories is dance

Yes. Any physical activity will burn calories.

you burn about 346 calories an hour.....

you burn about 346 calories an hour.....

Yes. Of course. It is a good way to burn calories.

A pear does not burn any calories. Pears contribute to calorie intake of a body. Exercises and workouts burn calories.

Calories are calories, no difference between then - they all burn at the same rate.

No it will not burn any calories. No more than you would burn laying around anywhere.

You would only have to burn about 4 calories, since 1 carbohydrate = 4 calories.

your going to have to burn 8333 calories a day and if you eat 2000 calories a day your gonna have to burn 10333 calories.. you burn calories depending on your weight

By doing sports. That's where you burn the most calories. But you actually burn calories in pretty much everything like you burn 3 calories by jumping and 10s by laughing (:

You can burn 10 calories every 20 minutes

I think they burn at least 110 calories

Yes, it is recommended to flex regularly to burn as many calories as you can

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