How do you bust fake profiles?

To see if someone's lying about who they are, here's how to do it

If it's a guy:

1. Look at their likes and interests. If they do not correlate to anything someone would like, they're not real.

2. Check their profile pictures. Most guys have pictures of them showing off their abs. If they were real, you would see that.

3. Look at other things on their profiles, like their jobs and whatever. He should work somewhere believable.

4. Education is important! If they go to a school you don't go to but you know people that do, ask them about him. If they don't know him, there's your answer.

If it's a girl:

1. See how many friends they have. Most girls have at least millions of friends.

5 friends or less means LIE

2. Look at their profile pictures. Girls always love to post pictures of themselves.

If they dont have a lot of pictures, they're not real.

3. Keep a sharp eye on their pictures. If they're all different, you've got an answer. This doesn't apply to guys because they usually look the same

NEVER look at their names. Everyone uses fake names like Jammiee Deezz or Tonyy Dipsss.