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go to a Redbox vending machine. you will need:

credit card

optional: promo code.


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If you want to rent it at redbox it is $2.

it costs $2 to rent a game at redbox. im not sure if you can buy games

walmart or rent it at a redbox

Yes but there are not many games to choose from.

Redbox is a subsidiary of Coinstar.

Redbox was created in 2002.

Free Movie Rental

You rent it from a video store, Netflix, Redbox or buy the DVD.

Redbox only carries movies.

Yes. Because redbox is owned by Coinstar (CSTR), you can purchase their stock, and own a part of redbox.

Redbox or you can buy it.You could see if it is on Netflix or if your public library bought the movie.

go to and then choose either buisness or consumer options.

Absolutely yes! You can rent and return any where with RedBox!

You can go to the game section in wallie world (Walmart), you can go to game stop, you can shop online, you can go to redbox...not to sure about redbox Hope this helps ~Iil miss precious ~

it's in redbox now. i rented it twice from there

Not currently. All redbox kiosks are corporate owned.

You can search films on the redbox website.

Magic Mike should be available at Redbox now.

Hop is to come out in/on the Redbox April 20th.

Rent it from a video store, redbox, check it out from your public library. Buy the dvd.

You can get videos or dvd's in redbox, blockbusters, Hollywood video, etc.

a redbox code, or promo code is a code with several letters/numbers that you can put in the redbox when you are about to rent something.this code will get you one free night for your rental.go here for the newest redbox promotional codes!""

No, Redbox does not accept prepaid debit cards.

Yes, 7-Eleven has a RedBox DVD Kiosk. The RedBox machine at 7-Eleven stores are usually outside the store. Visit for locations of RedBox. for locations of 7-Eleven.

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