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If you have a turbocharged car, there are several sources, check the Impreza and Legacy owners groups web sites for ideas. If you have a non-turbo (normally aspirated) engine, there is not much you can do that Subaru has not already done for you. Make sure your air filter is fairly clean, muffler is the stock Subaru part (flows a lot more air than many aftermarket replacement units), and your fuel injectors are fairly clean. You already are blessed with approx 9.2 to 1 compression ratio, 4 valves per cylinder, and free-breathing cylinder heads. Just the stock motor generates a load of power for 2.2 liters, and can be revved to 6,000 RPM mercilessly if all maintenance is correctly done. Check for dragging brakes to improve performance a bit, too. The Legacy engine has a fast flame front combustion chamber, and does not use much ignition advance.

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Q: How do you buy an ignition chip for a 1992 Subaru Legacy?
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No. You have to get a key cut with the correct value resistor in it. The new lock cylinder comes with a key with no chip.

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The immobilizer is the system that prevents your car from being stolen by including a computer chip in the ignition key. The car will start without this chip but will cease running in a few seconds. Your Subaru dealer is the only one I know of that has equipment to reprogram this system. If it was easily reset there wouldn't be much value to it.

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How do you get an M reg Calibra running or even bypass the immobilizer after replacing all the locks including the ignition barrel?

Do you have the original ignition key?? Tape the old ignition key to the cowling around the ignition, then put new key in the ignition and see if it will run. The reason for this is there is a transponder chip in the old key that needs to be picked up by the rim module around the ignition barrel. If it works, take keys apart and swap transponder chip . Hope this helps

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