How do you buy freon 22?

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You are asking how to buy freon 22 I'm assuming.First off,,, lets just clear up the word ( freon ).freon is a trade brand name which is commonly but inaccurately applied to all R-22 Refrigerant available on the markets.Many different companies offer this product and it is sold under their mfg. names. Dupont is one for example. ( same stuff ) different mfg.or supplier.

Now to your question. ( Buy Freon 22? )

You must have or aquire a appropriate license to purchase this product directly to dispense yourself.The E.P.A. has several companies that they have approvedtheir courses for licensure which you may purchase and study then take test under witness of a approved examiner.

Interesting Note:

R-22 will stop being produced in a few years.Like you saw happen with R-12 in the past.A new refrigerant is slated to be used with all new equipment soon and it also requires licensure to handle and dispense even though it is considered envioronmentally safe product to date.Now here is the point of this lecture,,,,,,There are alternative refrigerants even now for older R-22 systems. You can still get R-22 of course, ( but ) its price will soon increase dramatically to discourage its use as was done with R-12 during final years of its faze out.But!!!!!!,,,,, YOU WILL have a refrigerant that you can use in your older R-22 system for some years to come.So don't buy it if a sales person says you gotta buy a whole new R-410A system cuz R-22 is no longer available for your older system and they are not enterchangable.( There is and will be a R-22 substitute for some timeto come to keep your system working )

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Q: How do you buy freon 22?
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