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How do you buy freon 22?


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You are asking how to buy freon 22 I'm assuming.First off,,, lets just clear up the word ( freon ).freon is a trade brand name which is commonly but inaccurately applied to all R-22 Refrigerant available on the markets.Many different companies offer this product and it is sold under their mfg. names. Dupont is one for example. ( same stuff ) different mfg.or supplier.

Now to your question. ( Buy Freon 22? )

You must have or aquire a appropriate license to purchase this product directly to dispense yourself.The E.P.A. has several companies that they have approvedtheir courses for licensure which you may purchase and study then take test under witness of a approved examiner.

Interesting Note:

R-22 will stop being produced in a few years.Like you saw happen with R-12 in the past.A new refrigerant is slated to be used with all new equipment soon and it also requires licensure to handle and dispense even though it is considered envioronmentally safe product to date.Now here is the point of this lecture,,,,,,There are alternative refrigerants even now for older R-22 systems. You can still get R-22 of course, ( but ) its price will soon increase dramatically to discourage its use as was done with R-12 during final years of its faze out.But!!!!!!,,,,, YOU WILL have a refrigerant that you can use in your older R-22 system for some years to come.So don't buy it if a sales person says you gotta buy a whole new R-410A system cuz R-22 is no longer available for your older system and they are not enterchangable.( There is and will be a R-22 substitute for some timeto come to keep your system working )

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R-12 freon freezing point (-252)........ R-22 freon freezing point (-256).......

"Freon" is DuPont's trademark for its CFC refrigerant products. R-22 is one of those refrigerants, so R-22 and Freon-22 are the same refrigerant.

Is r-22 Freon compatible with r-134a freon?

Freon-22 freezes at -256 degrees F.Liquid Freon-22 will freeze your skin on contact.The HVAC Veteran

No. Refrigerants cannot be blended.

No. Refrigerants can't be blended.

A fair price for R-22 freon is 35-175 dollars per pound.

what is the pressure in the gauge with outside 90 degree temperature with freon 22

R-22 is chlorodifluoromethane - CHClF2.

Envirosafe sells R22a, a propane based freon that they claim is compatible with R22 systems, but to add this to your system legally you have to first have your system evacuated of reg. freon 22 by a recovery sytem, it is against federal law to release it into the atmosphere as well as mixing different types of freon. The good news is that it costs less than R22, they claim it is more efficient than R22 and you don't need a license to buy it. Although you seem to know what you are talking about just one question what is the difference in reg. FREON and R-22?

Wal-Mart do not have r22 freon, this is a false ad.

On all years, makes and models you will need to go to any automotive a/c repair shop and have them reclaim this for you.... (Do not just let it out in the atmosphere this is illegal)....... Depending of if your have R-12 freon or R134A freon you can buy the R134a freon at any auto parts store but you need to be licensed to buy R-12 freon.........

If introduced as liquid--invert container--yes it can be added to an existing charge of r-22 freon.

R134a freon for automotive use is available at your local auto parts store.

you have to have an ozone depletion license to buy it now.

On the older ones they take R-22 freon and on the newer ones with 410 Puron freon..........

Automotive Freon is R-12 (or the new R-132 and R-134). Central air freon is R-22. They are not compatible because of their different boiling points. R-22 is being phased out through the year 2010, but there is no standard replacement.

You take it to a professional, the freon you buy in the store is not what your car needs !

There is many different types of Freon. If the freon that you are trying to use is R-22 then you have to have a EPA certification to handle that freon. This freon is considered ozone depleteing. Now there is freon out there that is not ozone depleting like the freon in cars made after 1993. That is called R-134a which is sold everywhere even in Wal-Mart.

No. The sale of R-22 freon is restricted in the united states because if it's effects on the environment. The only people who are allowed to purchase R-22 freon are certified refrigeration and air conditioning technicians. If this is for your vehicles, you can buy a converter kit at any auto parts store. This will allow you to use R-134a to recharge your car's air conditioning.

R-22 coolant (a.k.a. freon) costs around 200 MXP Per Kg (US$ 4.93 / lb) in Mexico.

No, you have to call a repair man to come do it for you, unless you have to have a licences to work with freon.

You are only being overcharged if they said, in writing, that it would cost less. You disagreeing with the bill does not mean they overcharged you and they are allowed to charge you whatever they feel is appropriate for the Freon-22.

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