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u can

add me randlovebieber

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Q: How do you buy the same thing twice on stardoll?
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Can you buy stardoll cards from Morrison?

You can buy stardoll gift cards from morrisons but i can get it free go 2 Stardoll and izzyglam

Stardoll won't let me purchase my design?

if stardoll wont let you buy your design, then something is wrong with the system. the same thing happens to me but it usually works in a few days. <3 Or check if you have enough money, sometimes stardoll doesn't work but in the next few days it will. Join my club girlshasgossip or add me on stardoll. Im sugar2m31

Where to get braces on stardoll?

Buy them in the beauty aisle. My name on stardoll is ajballerina

How do you get baribe clothes on stardoll?

Unfortunately, the Barbie clothes on stardoll were a promotional thing and are no longer for sale. Some websites may give you a link to buy them but they no longer work. You can also buy them from the Starbazaar store if you have a superstar membership.

How do you get stardoll codes?

buy one

What is a giftcode for superstar on stardoll?

Buy it!

How can you be a superstar on star doll for free?

You cant. There is no such thing as free superstar membership on stardoll. You can buy a prepaid card at Wal-mart, Target, Giant Eagle, Etc. Add me on Stardoll: HeyItsNeisha

Where can you currently buy braces on Stardoll?

You can buy braces from Glamorous

How do you get a Christmas tree on Stardoll?

buy it at the suite shop add me on stardoll my name is ajballerina

How do you join the club stardoll royalty on stardoll?

You don't join it. Stardoll has to chose you. But You must have to buy 12 months superstar memberships.

How can you become a supertar on stardoll?

you can buy membership.

In stardoll how do you get mannequins?

You can buy mannequins in the minishop.

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