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I have the same problem and have been serching for an answer for two months.What I found out today the anti-thief system is tied into the radio. A professional installer has a by-pass kit[w/thin gauge wire]. My concern is what to bo about the key lock cylinder? If I still need to buy a a dealer cylinder, I found prices for aboyut $250.00 w/o installation. So if your Tanoe has a reasonable priced cylinder and sensor[at any local parts store,] I'd replace those items. For me I'm going to use a push button to start the car untile I find a used cylinder lock and ignition switch.Hope this is of some help to you, aagsr

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โˆ™ 2007-03-11 16:17:02
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Q: How do you bypass 1998 Tahoe with pass lock if you don't have key lock cylinder and sensor The truck was stolen recovery pieces were missing?
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