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How do you bypass the electronic chip in your key for a 99 Ford Ranger?


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The easiest way to get around the Transponder Chip in your 99 Ford Ranger is to have a chip programmed and mount it under the steering column cowling close to the inductor coil on the ignition lock. That way you can use non Transponder keys to start the vehicle.


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how do you bypass the anti theft security chip key if your only key is bad or if you have no key at all please help

get a high performance chip for the computer.


It is part of the factory system and there is no easy way to bypass the system, installing a remote start sometimes will disable it. Remember the immobilizer is there to prevent theft.

Simplest is to get another good key. If that is not available then you need to modify the wiring harness to bypass the chip reader by inserting the resistor elsewhere in the circuit.

Yes it does. Look on the key ring loop, you should see a small opening, like a flap. That's where it is...

there is not a chip that just governs the rpm or horsepower the computer contains a eeprom chip that controls all the main systems of the vehicle includeing the timing fuel mixture and fuel pressure all the things that contribute to the amount of power and tourque your eingine will suply you have to change the settings in that chip or buy a aftermarket chip with the optimal settings already programed in it. but word to the wise ford sets things for the optimal settings for a ballence between engine life and power. if you put in a proformance chip the life of your engine will decrese.

You want to blow up the engine? It is there for a reason. Go to a speed shop and see if you can get a replacement chip like they have for Mustangs.

The processor, this is what runs the computer.

If you could bypass it easily it wouldn't be much of an anti-theft device now would it?

The chip key system can not be bypassed. The engine computer will not allow the vehicle to start with out a good key message from the chip key computer.

Its a programmable chip inside of the key .

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The 2000 Ford Taurus does contain a transponder chip inside the key. The replacement can be programed by a locksmith or dealer service department.

No, you have to buy a chip that is made for that specific car.

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