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It,can be done.You must first understand that you need the relay as a moving part.It switches from off to on and thus saves a motor or unit from being overworked or damaged.Step one to locate relay with a manuel or follow the wire under the dash to its proper relay.Step 2 would be to then carefully pry the cover off the relay. You will notice a minature lever. Look closely and with a tiny screwdriver you are able to actuate or turn on the device by pushing up or down on the switch.This would be a good time to have a assitant listen near the fuel pump as you actuate the relay (while the ignition key is in the on position and the fuse is good,of course).if you do not hear the pump, you might want to check wiring from pump as well as wire leading from fuse box and relay. If you hear the pump and the relay is modulating it as you switch the relay up or down then you should replace relay.If that is not a option then ,with a soldering iron and two wires, solder one wire to one side of circiut and the other wire to the other side.If you did this right the two wires you soldered will complete the circiut when touched together,and you should hear pump,if not check you have right relay ,there is only one for the pump.That's where you will install a toggle switch within easy reach of the steering wheel ,give yourself plenty of wire.Now when starting and driving, your fuel pump will be on and it is up to you to shut it of and modulate it when idiling and coasting.this will be hard to do ,but if done right you might be able to squeeze some more life from your car before you burn out the fuel pump or wires.A good idea will be not to overwork the pump and just lightly use it tell you fix it correctly.You could hook the switch in with the one at the gas pedal so you would be connecting the two wires to this simple switch.I have never done this to a Hyundai so bear this in mind.

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Q: How do you bypass the fuel pump relay on a 2001 Hyundai Accent CL?
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