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The fuse to remove is fuse 4 (10 Amp) from behind the glove box. Or on a 2004 model leave the fuse in place. The lights will come on with the ignition but turn off automatically after about ten minutes.

Take out the glove box. You will see the fuse box. Beneath it should be a fuse chart. Look for "Door Sw Defeat." Removing that fuse will shut of the dome and under dash lights. I'm going to put in a switch coming off of that wire. This is based on my '99 but I bet it can't be too much different.

Any of the Jeep aftermarket catalogs sell a couple of options: 1) an actual dome light bypass switch which mounts right under the glove compartment area - $25, OR 2) a pair of dome light switch depressors - $10

The latter is a very simple solution - it's just a clip that fits over the spring-loaded switch on the door frame and keeps the switch depressed just like the doors would when they are not removed

Try out

I bought what is called an "Add A Circuit" fuse link. This thing has two slots for 10 amp fuses and plugs into the "Door Sw Defeat" fuse slot. It also has a wire coming off it to add another line to it. What I did was pull the 10 amp fuse out, plugged in the Add A Circuit and plugged the fuse into the second opening of the new dual fuse holder. Then I installed a toggle switch under the dash near accessible only when the glove box is open. From the toggle switch, I connected a ground wire to it, grounded that to an existing metal screw, and the other wire connected to the wire coming from the dual fuse holder. Flipped the switch and the light turns off. The total cost was, $1.19 for the toggle switch and about 5 bucks for the Add A Circuit connector. Piece of cake! Good luck!

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Q: How do you bypass the interior lights on the soundbar of a 2004 Jeep Wrangler when the doors are removed?
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