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Q: How do you calculate OSHA incident rates?
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How do you calculate incident rates?

number of cases / total population

Are work restrictions OSHA recordables?

If the work restrictions result from an incident that is work-related under the OSHA definitions, then they may be OSHA recordable. Always consult a specialist who is familiar with both the OSHA regulations and the specifics of the incident.

What does OSHA TRIR mean?

Total Recordable Incident Rate

Can an OSHA recordable incident be declassified from recordable because of DOT standards?

DOT (US Department of Transportation) standards have nothing to do with whether an incident is recordable under OSHA regulations.

Does more than one Physician appointment make an OSHA recordable incident?

The number of Physician's appointment is irrelevant to whether an incident is OSHA recordable. IF medical treatment beyond First Aid was administered, and the event meets the other criteria (work related, etc) then it is OSHA recordable.

What is a non OSHA recordable?

A "non OSHA recordable" is an injury, illness, or instance of lost time or lost work days that does not have to be recorded on OSHA specified forms by an employer because it does not meet the definition of a recordable incident.

Is the use of dermabond considered an OSHA recordable incident?

Dermabond (Topical Skin Adhesive/liquid stitches) is considered invasive treatment, therefore it’s OSHA recordable.

Does sending an employee to the doctor make it an OSHA recordable event?

no, simply sending an employee do a doctor does not make an incident OSHA recordable. Receiving medical treatment beyond First Aid would make it recordable if other aspects of the incident were consistent with the requirements for recordability.

What is the difference between a OSHA recordable and a medical treatment?

An OSHA Recordable incident is one that is work related and that involves medical treatment beyond the application of first aid. So some incidents requiring medical treatment are OSHA recordable and some are not.

Is a tick bite an OSHA recordable?

If the tick (or any insect bite) results in the need for administering a prescribed medication (even an epipen for allergic reactions), it becomes an OSHA recordable workplace incident.

Are steroids OSHA recordable?

Steroids are a class biological chemicals sometimes used to treat medical conditions and sometimes as a drug of abuse. They are not an incident, injury or illness so their existence is not OSHA recordable.

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Does the OSHA rule 1910.120 require all organizations that handle hazardous materials to use ICS the incident command system?


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By a site participating in VPP incident rates are at least below the industry average?


Is a CT scan OSHA recordable?

If the scan follows on a work-related incident or injury then it may be recordable. The details are important. Consult someone with specialist knowledge of the OSHA Injury Reporting requirements, who also can be told the details of the situation.

What is the OSHA requirement concerning the OSHA poster?

an osha inspection begins when the osha compliance officer

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By a site participating in VPP, incident rates are at least below the industry average

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