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I have been searching for an online calculator that can give me accurate results, I recently found a web site that has a nice R value calculator; you can check it out at this address -

You can calculate all kinds of insulation products and applications, there is also lots of info about R value and U value.

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What does the r in r-value mean?

The R-value of insulating material is an indication of its effectiveness in reducing heat flow through walls, floor, and ceiling of a structure.

Insulating materials are rated by their?


How thick a concrete wall would be needed to give the same insulating value as 3 and a half inches of fiberglass?

Poured concrete has an R value of about 0.08/inch. Fiberglass batt has an R value of about 3.14/inch (blown fiberglass wall insulation is about 3.2/inch). From these values we can calculate that the equivalent insulating thickness of concrete would be about 3.5x3.14/0.08 = 137.4 inches. Note that concrete blocks have a somewhat better insulating value due to the incorporated air pockets. A 4" concrete block has an R value of about 0.2/inch An 8" concrete block has an R value of about 0.15/inch A 12" concrete block has an R value of about 0.1/inch

What is the best type of attic insulation?

Insulation is rated in terms of thermal resistance, called R-value, which indicates the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. The R-value of thermal insulation depends on the type of material, its thickness, and its density. In calculating the R-value of a multi-layered installation, the R-values of the individual layers are added.

Is a material with a lower R-value a better insulator than a material with a high R-value?

No. A higher R-value is a better insulator.

What is the proper R value for insulating a crawl space in Delaware?

It's cold in Delaware, go for R-36.

What is r value?

R value is a measure of the ability of a material to retard, or slow down, the movement of heat.

Which material has the highest r value stucco pine board concrete or fiber glass insulation?

Fiberglass Insulation, R Value of 3.14. Pine board has an R Value of 1.74

What is the R value of concrete?

The R value of a material is the thermal resistance of the material, so is dependent on the material's thickness. R is also the inverse of a material's thermal conductivity U. To work it out you need the k value ( the thermal conductivity) of the material and the thickness, then R=thickness/k. The k value for structural concrete (of density 2300kg/m3) is 1.6 W/mK (Units: Watts / (metre x degrees Kelvin) so for a thickness 100mm (0.1m) of this concrete, R=0.06 m2°C/W. Note that the R value in imperial units will not be the same. Check the units for any R value of any material that is given.

How thick is r 5?

"R" is a value associated with heat penetration. The thickness of a material (for example, typical pink panther insulation) of any "R-value" will vary. If, for example, your wall space involves either a 2"x4", 2"x6", or even 2"x8" wall space then the material you insulate with will, of course, vary in size, however the "R-value" of your material will remain its rated value.

What is the R value of attic insulation covered with plywood decking?

Every insulation has a different R value. It ultimately is determined by which insulation you will be using. Now lets do rough estimate. 4" thick, regular fiberglass mat has R-value of 13. Assuming that plywood has the same to half the insulating value of fiberglass, 1/2" plywood would have 1/8 to 1/16 of R-value of that 4" mat. Roughly R-1.6 to R-0.8

A material with a higher or lower R-value is a better insulator?


What is the insulating value of plexiglass As in the R value of a house wall Or the U value of glass?

see i believe it is 1/3 for .325 inch thick

Should attic insulation be covered with plywood to create storage space?

As long as you do NOT compress the insulation. If your wanting the area for storage your R-value (insulating value) will only be as good as the depth of the rafter you are covering.

Does R value means the resistance a material has to the flow of heat?

No, to the flow of electric current.

Write an algorithm to calculate the area of a circle?

1. Start 2. Input the the value of radius R 3. Let PI=3.14 4. Calculate area=PI*R*R 5. Print area 6.End

What is the R-value of Normal Weight Concrete per inch of material?

Normal Weight Concrete at 150 pcf has an R value of 1.22 per inch thickness

Which material has the highest R- value?

It appears that Aerogel is the greatest thermal insulator for solids.

Is r-value good or bad?

it is a good thing i think R Value is the thermal resistance of a given material. The higher the R Value the more thermal resistance and the better the insulation. So, an R48 roof system is warmer than an R32 roof system. All insulation materials are rated by their R Value. An inch of rigid insulation has a higher R Value than an inch of fiberglass insulation. Check with the insulation manufacturer for the R Value.

What are insulating materials rated by?

r factor..the higher the factor the better the insulation

What is the r value for pink fiberglass insulators?

It varies with the thickness of the insulation Generally, about R-3 per inch. 3 1/2" for a 2x4 stud cavity is R-11. 5 1/2" for a 2x6 stud cavity is R-19. But if there is any airflow it greatly reduces the insulating value. Also, the thermal bridging of wood structures reduces the performance of fiberglass insulation.

Do 22.5 equal to 15r5?

The answer will depend on the value of r.The answer will depend on the value of r.The answer will depend on the value of r.The answer will depend on the value of r.

What factor that govern the value of resistance in a resistor?

It can be because of the material used.As we know R=PL/A where R=resistance P=resistivity of the material used L=length of the conductor A=area of cross section of the conductor

How do you calculate current load for 24 V DC?

There are three formulas to calculate current. They are I = E/R, I = W/E and I = the sq. root of W/R. As you can see there is one value missing in your question so it can not be answered.

What has the author D R Lamb written?

D. R. Lamb has written: 'Electrical conduction mechanisms in thin insulating films'