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How do you calculate a ratio from a percent?


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Formula to calculate the ratio

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You could use a BMI calculator which gives you a ratio. The ratio is your weight in relation to your height. You can use this ratio as your percentage to measure how far you are from your ideal weight.

A percent is a ratio of a number to 100.

Any number of percent is the ratio of that number to 100.

The ratio is 1:25 4 percent as a ratio is 0.04 : 1

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No. It can be but need not be. For example, you might calculate the ratio of today's temperature in Celsius and in Fahrenheit and calculate the ratio. That is not a rate.

No it is not equal to a ratio.

efficiency=mechanical advantage/velocity ratio mechanical advantage=load/effort use this formula, ans:100N

calculate the ratio between proton&electron

ratio: 24% : 22% = 12 : 11

68 percent as a ratio is 68/100 or 17/25.

please give me how to calculate the volume from molar ratio and give example

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A percent IS a ratio where the denominator (or second part of the ratio) is 100.

It is the ratio of the whole; of 1.

Converting a ratio to a percent is not the same as solving a proportion.

the lowest term of 4 percent in a ratio is 1:25

compression ratio = compressed size / uncompressed size the ratio should be between 1 and 0 (multiply with 100 to get the ratio in percent) a ratio greater than 1 means, the compressed size is actually greater than the uncompressed size a ratio just below 1 means bad compression the lower the ratio, the better the compression

Expressed as a ratio in its lowest terms, if one person is given 25 percent of something, and the other person is given 75 percent of something, this is a ratio of 1:3.

48% as a ratio = 48 : 100

3% is 3:100 as a ratio

37.5% as a ratio is 375:1000

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