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To calculate the enthalpy change or heat energy of a phase change, use the formula q=m(heat of (fusion, vaporization, etc...)). Make sure to use the formula q=mc(delta T) to calculate the heat energy for the temperature changes in between phase changes. Add up all of the q values and you have your enthalpy change.

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How do you calculate heat of reaction?

delta H = mass * heat capacity * delta temperature

What equation is used to calculate the free energy change of a reaction?

Delta G (written triangle G) = Delta H -T Delta S

Which of the following shows the correct changes in thermodynamic properties for a chemical reaction in which amino acids are linked to form a protein?

+delta H, -delta S, +delta G

What does delta H symbolizes?

Delta H symbolizes the change in Enthalpy.

How is the delta H fusion used to calculate volume of liquid?

It is not. The density and mass would be used to find the volume.

If you have the heat of formation of a substance at a given temperature how do you calculate its heat of formation at a different temperature?

Say u know heat of formation at temperature Ta and u want to calculate it at a temperature Tb Delta H(at Tb) = Delta H(at Ta) + integral of (Heat capacity) from Ta to Tb

What is the delta H deg f of potassium?

What is the delta H deg f of potassium?

Which of the following phase changes is not correctly paired with the sign of its change in enthalpy?

deposition, ∆H is + hope that helped!

What does delta h of a reaction represent?

Either the change (which the delta refers to) of the height (which the h represents).

What is the equation of heat of hydration?

delta h of the solution = delta h of the lattice energy + heat of hydration delta h = enthalpy change heat of hydration should be negative.

Delta H equals delta E plus delta nRT prove?


When is heat of a reaction equal to the enthalpy change of the same reaction?

I'm pretty sure its when the pressure remains constant. When the pressure is constant: q=delta U + P delta V The equation for delta H is: delta H = delta U +P delta V Therefore, when pressure is constant: delta H = q I think...

How do you find delta H?

delta H = q + w where q = heat content and w = work done

What is delta H for HCl aq?

the delta h for x hydrogen and x chlorine because it is aq and dissociates in water into h+ ions and cl- ions

A chemical reaction that has a delta g is what?

Free-energy change. delta G = delta H - temperature x delta S delta G is free-energy delta H is a system that is defined as the difference between the change in enthalpy temp. x delta S is the product of the Kelvin temperature and the entropy change

Under the conditions is delta G for a reaction always positive?

when delta H is positive and delta S is negative

What is the mathematical expression for the change in the free energy of a system?

delta G= delta H - TdeltaS ∆G = ∆H - T∆S where ∆G is is the change in Gibb's free energy ∆H is the change in enthalpy ∆S is the change in entropy T is the temperature in KelvinThe mathematical expression for the change in free energy of a system delta G=delta H-T deltas. The answer is delta G is the change in free energy.

What is true about a exothermic reaction?

Exothermic Reactions: The delta h is always NEGATIVE! Energy is released (delta is the little triangle in front of the H)

What does it mean when delta H is a negative number?

it means that heat is released during the reaction and a + delta H means that heat is required/absorbed.

What is the Delta H of Na?


What is the delta H value of N2?


Thermodynamic properties for a chemical reaction in which amino acids are linked to form a protein?

+delta H, -delta S, +delta G

Who is current CEO of delta airlines?

Richard H. Anderson is the current CEO of Delta Air Lines.

How is delta hf related to the delta h of the reaction?

^Hreaction = ^Hf, products - ^Hf, reactants Apex

What is the formula of the enthalpy?

Delta H=reactant -product

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