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How do you calculate games back?


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GB = ( (Wina - Winb) + (Lossb - Lossa) ) / 2
*you want the absolute values for each wins and losses. To avoid negative numbers, use this instead of the orgininal formula above.
GB = (ABS(Wina - Winb) + ABS(Lossb - Lossa) ) / 2

Wina = Wins by leader

Lossa = Losses by leader

Winb = Wins by trailer

Lossb = Losses by trailer

Using real numbers from today's standings. Cleveland is 21-19 while Detroit is 16-24 resulting in:

Det GB = ( ( 21 - 16 ) + ( 24 - 19 ) ) / 2 = ( 5 + 5 ) / 2 = 5 Games Back

Another example, Kansas City is 18-21 and thus relative to Cleveland we get KC's GB as:

KC GB = ( ( 21 - 18 ) + ( 21 - 19 ) ) / 2 = ( 3 + 2 ) / 2 = 2.5 Games Back

If it's not obvious which team trails, just sub in the numbers consistently and if you get a negative number, you know that team actually leads by that number of games.

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