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The same way you calculate the molecular mass of any compound.

Alternatively, if you know the mass of one isomer, you don't need to do any calculations. All isomers having the same formula have the same mass.

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Q: How do you calculate molecular mass of an isomer?
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How do you calculate relative molecular mass?

The molecular mass of a compound is the sum of the chemical elements weights contained in the molecule.

What formula is used to calculate the atomicity of elements?

atomic mass/molecular mass

How do you calculate number average molecular weight from molar mass?

Molecular weight is just an older term for molar mass. They are the same.

How do you calculate the relative molecular mass of H2O WATER?

Shove a dick in it

Why do we balance equations?

We balance the chemical equations to calculate the molecular mass .

Calculate the molar mass for the NaCl?

The molecular mass of NaCl is 58,439 769 28 g.

How do i calculate mass?

If you think to molecular mass this is the sum of atomic weights of the atoms contained in the molecule.

Calculate the mass of 1.22 mol sodium?


What are different forms of same element with different molecular structures?


Compounds that have the molecular formula but different arrangements of atoms are called?

An isomer

How many isomer can be made fromthe molecular formula C3H5Cl3?


How to calculate Molecular formula from empirical formula?

If you know the molar mass of the compound, you have to calculate the mass of the empirical formula and divide the molar mass of the compound by the mass of the empirical formula in order to find the ratio between the molecular formula and the empirical formula. Then multiply all the atoms by this ratio to find the molecular formula!

How many isomer in nuclear physics?

Isomer is the term used for chemical compounds having the same molecular formula, in physics the term isomer is meaningless although the term Isotope is used.

What is the molar mass of propanol?

That depends which isomer of propanol you are asking about. CH3CH2CH2OH or n-propanol, the molecular weight is 60.09 g/mol (CH3)2CHOH or isopropyl alcohol, the molecular weight is 60.10 g/mol

What is a molecule which has the same molecular formula but different structures?

Same molecular formula but different structure is a structural/functional ISOMER.

How are molecular weights found from titration?

The results of a titration will tell you the number of moles present in the analyte. If you then also know the mass of this analyte, you can calculate the molecular weight as mass/moles.

Calculate the molecular mass of water?

Water molecules are composed from hydrogen and oxygen. Their atomic masses are 1 and 16 respectively. The molecular mass of water is 2x1+16=18u.

What do you call 2 molecules with the same molecular formula but different structural formulas?


Is glucose an isomer of fructose?

Yes. Glucose and fructose have identical molecular formula: C6H12O6.

What do two sugar isomer have in common?

If they're isomers, they by definition have the same molecular formula.

What are some advantages of molecular formulae?

With a molecular formula we can calculate the molar mass and the chemical composition of a compound, also we can write chemical equations.

How do calculate how many mole are in grams?

The formula is number of moles = mass / molecular weight. Therefore, you have to multiply moles by molecular weight. The molecular weight can be found from the periodic table.

How do you calculate F2 in molecular mass?

Multiply the atomic mass of fluorine by 2, giving you a value of 37.997 g mol-1.

What is the mass of hexane?

I assume you mean the molecular mass. Its molecular mass is 86.175

What is the molecular for sucrose?

I assume you mean the molecular mass. Its molecular mass is 342.3g/mol