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Steel Cannot be calculated based on cft. Load bearing capacity is required to

calculate steel.

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Q: How do you calculate steel quantity in RCC 100 cft?
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What is the percentage of steel in RCC?

Percentage of steel in RCC is about 1-2%.

Deduction of steel in RCC quantity?

Bec. the steel percentage in the concrete is very low therefor we dont deduct the steel qty. from the concrete qty.the Cocrete qty. vastage is more than used steel qty.

How much kg steel bars used for RCC slab of size 50' 18' 4.5?

About 2.27 kg of steel bars is used for the RCC slab of size 50' 18' 4.5.

What is rcc?

RCC means reinforced cement this case the reinforcement used is steel bars.....the purpose of using the steel bars in concrete it gives tensile strength to concrete to some extent.

How much steel required in RCC per sq meter raft foundation?

For a raft foundation, the amount of steel required is in RCC per square meter. This can be calculated using the value of 18 kilograms steel per square meter.

What is RCC Pardi?

In construction RCC means reinforced cement concrete, however RCC Pardi is a versatile and hardy roofing material. Yes, it is composed of reinforced cement concrete. The reinforcement is typically steel.

Why is clear cover to renforcement provide in rcc structures?

To prevent from the corrosion of steel...

What is Reinforced cement concrete-RCC?

Concrete is very strong in compression but weak in tension. RCC is concrete with reinforcing steel bars in it. Steel is a really good material in tension. Steel carries the tensile load and thus RCC is strong in tension too. However, designers still try to ensure concrete is in compression wherever possible.

When shear stress exceeds the permissible limit in rcc slab then how does this problem is solved?

You may increase the slab thickness and/or calculate the steel reinforcement required to withstand against the applied shear stress.

What is the difference between ms bar and tor steel?

Mild steel bars are used in RCC . TOR Steel bars are used in steel structures. it has more tensile stress than the mild steel bars..

What do you mean by RCC Beams?

RCC stands for reinforced concrete cement. it is a building structure made by combining the steel rod with cement concrete mixture. like beam ,pillers etc.

What is method of curtailment of steel bars in RCC column in multi storeyed building?

column curtailment details

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