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There are 3 different ways to use the rhythm method and it's best to combine all of them. Your doctor needs to train you on how to do it properly.

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Q: How do you calculate the calendar rhythm method?
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What has the author Bernard J Pisani written?

Bernard J. Pisani has written: 'The rhythm method of birth control' -- subject(s): Calendar method, Natural family planning

Is calendar method is now a artificial family method?

No, the calendar method is a NATURAL method.

What is the disadvantge of calendar rhythm method?

It's very easy to get it wrong. If your cycle isn't extremely regular or if you should forget in the moment of passion that you are fertile.

Birth control patch or rhythm method?

The 'rhythm method' is not safe sex or effective as a birth control.

Can you get HPV using the rhythm method?

Yes you can get HPV using the rhythm method if your partner is infected with HPV.

Is calendar method effective?

The calendar method is the least dependable method of contraception (aside from keeping your fingers crossed).

What are a couple who practice the rhythm method of birth control called?

Many couples are using Natural Methods of Contraception including rhythm method.

What are the procedure of rhythm method?

It's not a procedure, it's a calendar and temperature check thing. Many married couples whose religious beliefs don't allow birth control use this method to avoid sex during certain times of the month.

What is the less effective contraceptives?

Spermicide alone, rhythm/calendar alone, contraceptive sponge, diaphragm. Withdrawal, used consistently, is more effective than all of these, but still not a highly effective method.

Is it safe to use widrawall and calendar method after menstruation?

To avoid unwanted pregnancy - not especially. Withdrawal and Rhythm Method are not reliable forms of birth control. Withdrawal can be used as a back-up method but with the risk of pre-ejaculate or lack of withdrawal pregnancy risks are high. Rhythm Method does work as it predicts fertile days based on past cycles, as cycles change constantly this mean you could have sex thinking the woman is not fertile when in fact she is at the peek of her fertility. If using Rhythm Method you also should know whether or not a woman is likely to be fertile after menstruation or not based on past cycles.

How effective is the rhythm method for contracepting?

NOT effective at all!

What are the disadvantages of rhythm method?

Unwanted pregnancy and STDs

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