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Is this a commercial Pool?

If yes then what state is the pool located in? Different states, different codes.

Some methods are: based on water volume, surface area, flow rate. Some have a combination of these methods or others.

Please provide the state and I may be able to provide the method used.

yes, California

A: Check with you local department of Health for the most accurate answer. k

Model Code Note - The 2006 ICC International Building Code lists the maximum area allowance per occupant as 50 gross SF per person for the pool itself, and 15 gross SF per person for the deck area.

Similarly, the 2009 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code uses factors of 50 and 30 SF/P. Plus you have to consider the load limits of the approved means of egress from the room (if it's indoors).

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Q: How do you calculate the occupant load in a pool?
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