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Safe man hours is the number of hours worked minus the number of hours lost due to unsafe work or lost work due to an incident. This should get you the answer to total safe man hours.


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no of trainees X no of hours spent in training

man hours are the total amount of hours each employee works. For example, 10 men working one 10 hour shift would be 100 man hours.

man-hours. They have worked a total of 150 man hours. (Not sure about the hyphen)

Make a chart, and for each worker, write down the total number of hours that he or she worked in the three months. Then add up all of those numbers to get the total number of man-hours during the three months. For example: Worker's name Total hours worked Jose 320 hours Jese 400 hours Joan 500 hours Jill 200 hours Jackie 415 hours Jodie 90 hours Jupiter 282 hours Total man hours 2207 hours Obviously, this is a simplified example; since you had up to 20 workers, but just expand on this idea up to the number of workers that you had.

34.5 years = 302,420.541 total hours or 71,760 work hours.

1) (# men) x (# days) x (# hours/day) = Total hours to complete the job. 2) Calculate total man-hours to complete the initial job. 30 men x 20 days x 9 hours/day = 5,400 total man-hours. 3) If the total job takes 5,400 hours to complete you just plug that back into your first equation this time using 40 men instead of 30: (40 men) x (20 days) x ? hours = 5,400 total hours divide both sides by 40 divide both sides by 20 Hours = 6.75

what is safe man hours in industries It is a unit of production equal to the work that can be produced by someone in a hour. Man hour is nowadays called person hour (to include both genders). It is used for estimation (see the mythical man month)

Number of lost time incidents X 200,000. Number of man hours worked.

No. of Accident*(Ref.Value)/(total working man-hours)Ref. Value=100 (Number of worker) * 45 (number of working hours per week) * 50 (number of working weeks a year)Result = 225 000if you accept number of working hours per week=40result will be = 200 000

Taking into consideration that each man works an 8 hour work day: (4 x 8) x 48 = 1536 man hours to complete the job for 4 men *** (Men x Man hours per day) x Days Worked = Total Job Man Hours *** 1536 / (3 x 8) = 64 days for 3 men to complete the same job *** Total Job Man Hours / (Men x Man Hours per day) = Days until Job Completion***

A man hour is the product of a person multiplied by an hour. It is a unit of how long a task would take one person. A task that takes 12 man hours, for example, would take 12 hours for one person to complete, six hours for two people, four hours for three people, three hours for four people, etc. 1 man x 12 hours = 12 man hours 2 men x 6 hours = 12 man hours 3 men x 4 hours = 12 man hours 4 men x 3 hours = 12 man hours

To be on the safe side, give yourself between one and one and half hours (for the average 70 kg man, or 154 lb man, in good health).

That depends on how many men there are. If there is 1 man, then he does 7,000,000 man-hours of work in 7,000,000 hours, or about 798 years of continuous work. If there are 1,000 men, then they do 7,000,000 man-hours of work in 7,000 hours, or about 292 days of continuous work. If there are 100,000 men, then they do 7,000,000 man-hours of work in 70 hours, or about 2.917 days of continuous work. The problem we have with this question is that a "man-hour" is not a unit of time.

A "man hour" is an hour of one person's time. If you work 8 hours a day you are working 8 man-hours. The difference between hours and man-hours becomes important when scheduling work for multiple people. If a project requires 100 man-hours then - in theory - if 10 people are allocated to do the work simultaneously, the project will be completed in 10 hours. 10 hours work done by 10 people gives you 100 man hours of work.

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The duration of I-Man is 1.6 hours.

he feels really safe when he gets a massive BONER

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The duration of He Was Her Man is 1.17 hours.

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supply of labour refers to the total number of man hours made available for production over a given period of time

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