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How do you calculate winning percentages?

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If a pitcher goes 8-4, meaning 8 wins, 4 losses, add the two together which would be 12, and divide the wins, in this case 8 by the total games he had a decision, 12, and the answer would be represented as .666.

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How is math used in softball to calculate winning percentages and points?

Why would you want to know? Haha im just kidding..... I have no clue

how to calculate percentages?

how do you calculate percentage of participation

How do you calculate improved percentages?

Percentages are percentages - simple! The marketing people have not yet come up with "new improved" percentages.

How do you calculate percentages into inches?

You cannot calculate lengths to percentages. Percentages are comparisons of two related quantities so you can have one length as a percentage of another length, but not by itself.

How do you calculate weights to percentages?

You cannot calculate weights to percentages. Percentages are comparisons of two related quantities so you can have one weight as a percentage of another weight, but not by itself.

How to calculate pro rata bonus percentages?

To calculate pro rata bonus percentages you need to determine how you want to prorate the amount and how much you need to prorate. Online pro rata calculators are the easiest way to calculate percentages.

What are winning percentages for Major League Baseball?

.500 and above.

What is the range of 1'3'4'1'3'1'5'2'1'1'3'?

calculate range of percentages

Which NFL teams have the highest winning percentages since 1997?


How do you calculate monthly hotel occupancy percentages?


How do Doctors use percentages?

Doctors can use percentages in a great many number of ways. Doctors can use percentages to calculate the probability for having a certain disease.

What teams have the Sports winning percentages since 2000?

The New York Yankee

How do you calculate percentages into fractions?

Divide the percentage value by 100.

How is math involve during presidential elections?

it is used for percentages to let us know who is winning.

Is a circle graph always based on percentages true or false?

False. It may be simple to calculate percentages from one but that need not be what the graph is based on.

How do you calculate standings for records of 1-1-0 and 0-0-1?

Ties count as a half-win. Therefore, both teams would have identical winning percentages at .500

What is the worst NFL team ever?

by far the Detroit lions although by the winning percentages Houston Texans

How is math used as an accountant?

You add and subract, calculate percentages all the time.

How do you calculate the average of 4 percentages?

Add them together and divide by 4 (the number of percentages you had in the first place) It's just like averaging plain numbers

What are the formula to calculate staff cost percentages?

It is 100*staff costs/total costs.

How do i find percentages?

To find x as a percentage of y, calculate 100*x/y.

How do you determine percentages in stats such as wins and losses in basketball?

divide the number of wins by the number of games played and you have the winning percentage.

What is the formula to work out percentages?

To calculate X, as a percentage of Y, divide (100*X) by Y.

Who has the worst winning percentages at Notre Dame?

For football head coaches, that is Joe Kuharich who coached the team between 1959-1962. His four season record was 17-23 for a winning percentage of .425.

How is math used in Politicians?

Percentages and decimals are used to calculate the number of votes and to see if there is a majority government.