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How do you calm a dog when it's afraid of fireworks?


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Short term Quick Fixes:-Play! Depending on your dog's level of anxiety (pacing vs. curled up trembling) simply distracting him may be the best course of action. Play, sing songs, exercise the dog as much as you can to try and wear it out. Help your dog associate thunder with a fabulous playtime!

-Crate your dog or move their bedding into a enclosed space like a closet. A dog who feels "safe" will be less anxious, and a "den" is the instinctual place for a dog to feel safe. It may help to cover your dog's crate with a blanket or sheet to create a den feeling.

-Create as much white noise as you can. Fans, TV's, radios, etc. Try to drown out the majority of the sound.

-Find a T-shirt that fits the dogs chest tightly and put it on them. No one knows why this helps, but many owners swear this makes a difference.

-Over the counter sedatives (Like rescue remedy) or veterinary prescriptions like Ace or Valium are a good short term treatment- although not available in an emergency. If your dog is severely anxious, try to keep a stash on hand.

- Short term and long term, one of the most important things for an owner to do is not to coddle the dog. Cooing and petting are both"rewarding" actions for a dog- they are used as rewards in training- so what are you training your dog to do when you respond to his anxiety with petting and cooing?

Rather than babying your scared dog, try:
  • singing a silly song
  • sqeaking toys
  • taking the time to run the dog through his or her tricks.
  • yawning repeatedly (really). make big, loud, exaggerated yawns- your dog will see your relaxation and respond.
Long Term SolutionsLong term solutions to storm and firework anxiety revolve around retraining your dog to associate loud noises with good things.

For dogs scared of "bangs", check out Dale Burrier's article, "The Paper Bag Game - Desensitizing Your Dog to Loud Noises"

For other anxieties, try desensitization CDs. You can by CDs that contain all the common sounds that dogs are afraid of. You can begin playing these CDs at a barely audible level at meal times, play times, and all the "happiest" times of the day. Over the course of weeks you can turn the volume up and after several months your dog should respond to the sound thunder or fireworks with interest or even excitment.


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what you should do is sound proof your basement then when the fireworks start put your dog down there and it should keep it calm.

You can calm your dog down by taking to a place where they feel is "safe".BY:KARYN.B

you can't. but you can put him in a sound proof room when fireworks night happens every year.

Depends on the dog since some are afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, and vacuums. There are even some dogs that are afraid of cats and sudden movements.

dog are afraid of fireworks because dogs have hearing 10 times more acute than humans but also 10 times more fragile . fireworks sound is so big that it can damaged and frighten dogs. dogs ears can be damaged easily and so then cause a brain wave to the dog causing it to shake

When it gets scared calm it down and stroke it and stay with it, don't leave it alone.

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To make a dog calm down just hold him down gently and say calm down If that don't work then put the dog in the back yard to calm him down

Close all doors near the fireworks and close all blindes/curtains and stay close to your dog

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If they were to be hit by a firework, Yes. From the sound or lights made by the fireworks. No. They will however probably be afraid of the sound's and lights.

Just the same as some dogs arent afraid of gunshots, nobody knows.

When a dog is afraid of lighting it is called a noise phobia.

1 take it out for a walk 2 if that dont work see a doctor If it is a dog who is usually familiar and affectionate with you, assurances in a soothing voice (dogs are very sensitive to tone of voice), holding and petting them can alleviate fear. If the dog is not familiar to you, it can be dangerous to get near them if they are afraid as a dog that is afraid may be more prone to biting than they normally would. Dogs in fear may also urinate excessively, including on themselves and anyone near them. If dogs are afraid of something going on, such as fireworks, trying to isolate them from the source of what is frightening them can help, but its important to remember dogs can hear things we cannot, and the high pitches of fireworks and other noises they are afraid of may be able to get through material that blocks the sounds we can hear, so just because you put them somewhere that you can no longer hear the noise you think is making them afraid doesn't mean the dog can no longer hear it.

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HOW TO STOP A DOG BARKING AT FIREWORKS.If it is bonfire night and you dog is barking at the fireworks then i would suggest that you give your dog something to chew on EG a Pedigree chewy stick to take there mind off it and for them to keep their mouth on the chewy material, as this is what i did with my Cocker Spaniel.The other thing which you could get is a muzzle if you have not got a puppy.

They are not afraid they want to play

It wont hurt and it will surely calm them down.

TRy rubbing it behind the ears if it doesnt help scratch its belly there are alot of ways to make a dog calm

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Any suggestions to keep my dog calm during storms or when firecrackers are fired in the neighborhood?

Look at the training book in your care option and it will show you. Depending on what kind of dog you have (if you got an energetic dog or a calm dog) it would help to get your friendly dog calm or you energetic dog hyped up.

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