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Go into the accounts section of Runescape homepage for more details. (that same way you use to renew)

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Q: How do you cancel a RuneScape membership?
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How do you cancel your RuneScape membership?

You go to account management then click cancel Runescape membership, enter you credit card number that you used to start the Runescape membership, then you click cancel for the account that you want to cancel. Voila! There you have it!

How do you cancel membership?

In runescape, you cancel your membership by going to account managment and look for the button that says cancel subscription.

How do you cansel membership on RuneScape?

You can cancel your RS membership by going to there site and go to Account -> Account Management then go to Cancel Subscription.

How can you cancle your RuneScape membership?

Depends how you payed but: go to runescape and click: Account->account managment->cancel subscription. Easy as that, :)

How do you cancel your account on runescape?

If you are trying to cancel your membership you can go to account management on the home page under account and then click cancel subscription. You would then go through the process to cancel the membership. But as to deleting your account it is not possible to do without Jagex actually doing it.

How do you cancel runescape membership while it is being billed?

In 'Account Settings' (accessable from the main page) simply find the link "Cancel Membership". All remaining days on your account will stay intact.

How can you take the member off in RuneScape?

I think you can't cancel a membership; you just have to wait for the membership to expire. In any case, check the RuneScape Web site, they may give additional information.

What happens to your house in runescape if you cancel membership?

All Your Stuff GOes TO Bank And You Have TO Redecorate It When YOur Member Again...:)

When can you cancel an membership after a purchase?

Unfortunately you can't.When you are deciding to have a membership you must think it over BEFORE you buy it.You can technically cancel it but you will not get your money back dont worry you can cancel it all you have to do is click on upgrade to member and then click cancel runescape membership forever.just kidding not forever. You can cancel your membership by going to account settings and canceling it. You won't get a refund, but your current days left stay, giving you time to clean up and members stuff. Oh, and I hope this is RuneScape you're talking about. Club Penguin, no idea.

How do you cancel your membership in runescape?

i think you go to the main website, go and click account, then click account management then click cancel subscription! done!

In runescape is it possible to end your membership early?

Yes, simply by doing the following:Runescape Homepage > cursor over account > account management > Cancel Subscription.Then all you need to do is follow the process after that to cancel your membership.

How do you quit membership on runescape?

On the account management feature ( if you payed by credit card ) there should be a cancel membership link, just simply click that to cancel it. If you done it my phone or sms just simply wait for it to run out.

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