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How do you cancel your LimeWire account?

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βˆ™ 2010-08-30 21:06:37

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how do i cancel Limewire and get my money back

2010-08-30 21:06:37
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How do you cancel your Seventeen account?

you go over to where it says account and click cancel account

How can you cancel your myspace page?

All that you have to do is log on and then you go to my account and then you press account and then press cancel account and then they ask you why you want to cancel it!!!

How do you cancel your account on Wikipedia?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a Wikipedia account.

How can you cancel your wikipedia account?

Currently, you can't cancel your Wikipedia account.

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How can you cancel Xbox live account?

You can cancel a account and you can recover it back

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Contact the company you open the account with and say you want to cancel the account.

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To cancel your account on youtube, first log in and click on my account. Scroll down where it will show you delete your account. Press on that and your account will be deleted automatically from youtube.

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You can't really cancel your whole account, but what you can do is cancel your subscription if you have one.

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How can i cancel a account of live messenger because I'm having trouble with it an it wont let me cancel it.?

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How do you cancel skype account. No way to get a hold of this business!!

How do you cancel LimeWire and ask for your refund?

Lime Wire strictly adheres to a no refund policy as we offer users LimeWire BASIC to try for free, as long as they like, before purchasing LimeWire PRO.

How do you delete a MySpace?

my account> account> cancel account.

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If you wanna cancel it you can enter to Account Manager. And cancel it.

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If you are trying to cancel your membership you can go to account management on the home page under account and then click cancel subscription. You would then go through the process to cancel the membership. But as to deleting your account it is not possible to do without Jagex actually doing it.

How do you delete your profile on Photobucket?

You can cancel your Photobucket account by going to your Photobucket homepage, at the top right of that page click on "account options", and the scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on "cancel my account/cancel account".

How do you cancel a lumosity account?

If you did not enter billing information when you started your trial, then there is no need to cancel. Your account will automatically revert to a free account. If you did enter billing information, then you'll need to cancel before the end of your trial to avoid being billed automatically. You can cancel from your account page by following the Cancel Subscription link.

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