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How do you capture mew?

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How do you get data on a mew in Pokemon platinum?

Capture Mew!

How can you get Mew on Pokemon FireRed?

You must capture Mew on Emerald and trade it to FireRed.

Where do you capture Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?

Look up in YuTube how to capture mew Pokemon gold if u wanna catch mew the almighty!!!!!

How do you capture mew in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't. You'd have to transfer Mew to PalPark on SS to get it.

What is an easy way to capture mew in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The easy way to capture mew poke ball or great ball!!!!!!!!!!! but thoughts are the type of balls you use but i have no idea how to get mew because their are so many different people who say different things

How do you capture a mew in Pokemon platinum?

You would need an action replay

How can you capture a mew in HeartGold?

No. It is an event pokemon, or you can hack it which I don't recommend.

In what Pokemon games can you capture mew?

So far only 5 games get the opportunity to capture mew in some way: Red version, Blue version, Yellow version, Emerald version and My Pokemon Ranch.

How do you capture mew in Pokemon Emerald?

having an action replay telleport cheat

What to do after catching mew two in Pokemon FireRed?

Capture Entei/Raikou/Suicune.

Which GBA game do you capture mew in?

actually depends on what game you have and when the event comes up.

Is mew two still in cerulean cave after catching him?

yes,you can go back and capture it.

Can you capture mew at all on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can capture mew..... but only on PC with the following cheats: master code 2:00000554000A 1003DAE60007 catch any pokemon:83007CEE0097 thanks for asking!!!Ive allways wanted to answer a question on wiki answers!

How do you get mew on silver?

Sorry, I don't think you can capture it in Silver, but if you capture it in red (or blue for that matter), I think you can trade it over to the silver game. Hope that helped :)

How do you get mew two on Pokemon LeafGreen?

use a pokeball and capture professor oak then sack him, then he gives you a mewtwo

How do you capture mew two in Pokemon Red?

you catch mewtwo in the cerulean city cave after you beat the Pokemon league

What is the best way to catch Mew in Pokemon Ranger?

The best way to catch Mew is to catch the two Shedninjas on top of the mountain. Mew is vulnerable to Ghost-type PokeAssists. Use those and couple it with a Fighting-type PokeAssist for a good chance of capture.

Can you find mew if you have defeated elite four over ten times in ruby?

No. To capture mew in Pokemon Ruby, you need a special Ticket. you have to defeat the elite four 12 times then mew will spawn wild inside curulean cave, after u catch mew celebi will spawn wild inside victory road

How do you capture Mew on Pokemon Stadium?

beat gym leader castle and elite four then all the cups on all levels and beat mewtwo on round 2 of the game you can use mew as a rental pokemon.

Where can you see mew in Pokemon HeartGold?

Sorry, but you cannot capture or find a Mew in any games. The only way to is to get it by event, or use Action Replay. But to cheer you up, you can catch MewTwo in Heartgold/SoulSilver.

If you capture the legendary birds could you still captured mew?

It depends, you can use a gameshark to get Mew or go without capturing the birds get Mew then birds, but I have tried alot to see if I could do it and I have not been able thought that doesn't mean you can't, I might have done something wrong.

Do you have to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium 2?

It's not possible to capture Pokemon so no. You can unlock pokemon like Mew and Celebi.

How can you catch Mew in Pokemon Emerald without Cheats or going to a Nintendo E vent?

No, there are no glitches to capture Mew in Pokemon Emerald. Sry but the only easy way is to buy an Action Replay, the Nintendo Event is over.

Who is the prettiest mew mew?

Renee ( Mew Mew Power ) or Zakuro ( Tokyo Mew Mew ) and Zoey ( Mew Mew Power ) or Ichigo ( Tokyo Mew Mew )

What do you do after you catch mew?

Mew cannot be caught in the wild without a hacking device. Normally, you can do anything else after you capture Mew, for it is not on the storyline of the game; it is an event Pokemon. If you are stuck on what you should do, you can continue the story, fill the National Dex, re-battle the Elite Four, and other miscellaneous things you can do depending on your version.

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