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How do you care for a baby mouse with shut eyes and no fur?


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you get a bottle from the pet storre and one by one pick them up to feed them


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New born mice are pink with their eyes tight shut and their ears back. At day five, you'll be able to see the mouse's pigmentation. At day ten, the mouse will have a fuzz over it's body. By day fourteen, their eyes will be open and they should be able to move around quite well. An orphan mouse will need vital care before it's opened it's eyes. Afterward, there's a pretty good chance they will live if you can adequately take care of them.

I have two birds and when they had babies they would shut their eyes a lot. It means that they are tired from doing something. In my birds case it was because they were exhausted from taking care of 4 baby birds. I suggest that you identify something that would make your birds tired and have them not do that anymore.

This will depend upon what type of mouse you have. If the baby is a wild mouse, the best option will be to leave it alone - either the mother will come back and take care of it, or it will die quickly. Wild mice can be aggressive and carry numerous diseases including plague, hantavirus and Salmonella - they do pose a health risk to humans, particularly those with compromised immune systems, and shouldn't be picked up as pets or as rescues. If the baby is a captive-bred mouse, you can try feeding it with diluted kitten or puppy milk replacer (dilution will depend upon the formula and the age of the mouse pup). You'll also need to provide water and a sheltered nest, possibly with auxillary heat source. It is unusual for a mother mouse to reject a pup unless there is something wrong with it or the pup isn't thriving; if this happens with more than one pup, I would suggest not breeding this mouse again.

they are born with there eyes shut

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no furr, eyes shut, barely any tail or ears, pink, tiny.

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well, you can keep them if you want to. it would be sad if you would kill them. they are just babies so you better take care of them

there eyes are shut together

It sounds like the mouse may have an infection in or around its eyes. Trying dabbing the affected places with a tiny bit of Neosporin. You may have to hold the mouse by the scruff to get it to hold still for that--be careful not to hurt it, and don't do that for long. A vet would be able to give you better advice.

== == Article about taking care of orphan mice. A few days ago we got an orphan mouse. We feed the mouse every 2 hours with cow's milk and we warmed it with deluded water and fed it with a medicine dropper. That was our last resort because every pet store was closed. We finally got to a pet store that opened and got kitten formula. We drop the milk on our hands and the mouse licks it up. The mouse has no fur yet and it's eyes are shut. It's very spunky, and it loves snuggling into my hands. When we are not holding her in our hands, we put her in a shoe box with socks and toilet paper. We also have a light over her, but we leave a shady spot...just incase she gets too warm. Hope this helped!!!

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