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How do you care for a betta?


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March 29, 2013 4:33PM

Feed them once daily, clean 50% of their water at least once a week, and for inhanced comfort, add water condition to the tank (you can get it at almost any pet supply store). DO NOT PLACE BETA in with other FISH. They will fight and kill the other fish. DO NOT place a Beta in with another BETA unless you are breeding them.

A Beta is a solitary fish that will fight its own reflection so try not and place anything in the bowl that is to shiny. Also a Beta does not require much space so a small bowl will suffice.

Beta also should be checked EVERYDAY and make certain that it is still in its bowl if it has jumped out. get a larger bowl, it usually means it feel to confined. At night Beta's and I believe it is the males I am not certain if the females do it as well, however they build a nest of bubbles at the top of the bowl and they hover under the nest and sleep.

The reason for this behavior, dunno I am not a Beta, however in all the years I have owned them. They have done it. So if you see a bubble nest at the top, its quite normal.