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Money trees are a unique plant that are very easy to take care of, they require water only one a week if used cactus soil or once every two weeks if you have used a Miracle grow soil that retains moisture. Also Money trees like to be root bound so if the pot you have chosen is too large it will suffer slightly until the roots find the boundaries.

There are a couple of reasons your leaves are turning yellow and falling off:
1. You are watering it too much. The soil should be almost dry throughout before you water again. It should be moist. It should be rich and organic.

2. It is getting lot of light. Money plants grow well when they are NOT kept in direct sunlight. They need less care when they are in their best environment.
The temperature can't go below five degrees Celsius (38 F) or the plant will not survive. Also try not shock the plant by putting it out when the temperature outside is varying greatly to your inside temperature.

Finally the only other thing you could do for it is give it a well balanced liquid fertilizer the next time you water it, such as a 20-20-20 or something around there.
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How do you breed money trees and other plants?

I was chatting with an Egyptian relative of mine yesterday. He told me a new phenomenon has been sweeping Egypt for the last 6 years. It is called "breeding money" using magic. Now, understand that a lot of people in "those" countries believe in magic, voodoo, sorcelery and other underground forces ( Full Answer )

What is the study of tree care?

An arborist is a specialist in the care and maintenance of trees. The place where trees, shrubs and plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes is an arboretum. (from Websters 17th edition)

How do you take care of a ficus tree?

Ficus trees like an environment that is warm, sunny and humid. They don't like being over-watered. If you give them too much water, their leaves will turn yellow and fall off. They do like having their leaves sprayed with water from a misting spray bottle. You can do this most days. It also keeps ( Full Answer )

How do you take care of tree frogs?

It depends on what type of tree frog, but here is the general care info- Tree frogs should be kept in no less than a 10 gallon tank, but if you just have one, a 5 gallon tank will be OK. The tank should be longer in height than length or width. Tree frogs like crickets (most only eat live ones) but ( Full Answer )

When can you plant trees?

An important consideration to be iven while planning to plant tree is to decide when in the year to plant. Avoid planting the tree in summer or late spring months as it can danger the plant's life. The plant can die due to the heat in those months. So the best time to plant the tree would be during ( Full Answer )

When to plant trees?

This depends on what kind of tree. Cherry Trees you would want to plant right before Summer starts.

Where can you get a money tree?

plant 10,000,000 dolars (checks invalid) in the ground water dailly and fertilize wait 6 months to 1year (results may vary)

How do you get a money tree?

plant 10,000 dollars in the ground (checks invalid) water daily and fertilize wait 6 two 24 months (results may vary)

How do you plant a money tree in Animal Crossing City Folk?

You have to have a gold shovel.(to get one,bury a normal shovel, and dig it up the next day.) Then, plant some bells with the gold shovel. (if you plant 1,000 bells, there is a 1% chance a bell tree will grow. If you plant 42,000 bells, there is a 42% a bell tree will grow. get it?) water it every ( Full Answer )

What is the care of trees?

A tree care company based in Wheeling IL with many other locations throughout IL, DC, NY, CT, PA.. Answer.. The care of trees is called Arboriculture.

How do you plant a money tree in animal crossing?

You have to get a golden shovel, buy two shovels bury one and change it to the next day. Dig up the hole and you should get a golden shovel next take some bells from your wallet then plant them using the golden shovel then water it every day then you will get a money tree. Hope this helped xxx

How do you care for tree damage?

the way you save tree damage is to stop posting signs to the trees with a staple/nail and start posting them with tape/on the ground

How do plant money trees grow in animal crossing?

Dig a hole. Get a bag of money. Stand in front of the hole Go into your pocket screen. Click the bag of money and click bury. The odds of the tree growing are slim. But thereis a chance.

How do you plant the trees?

You buy a seed, then dig a hole in the ground, put the seed in the hole, cover it up, then water it.

Care of mimosa trees?

A heavy snow when the flowers are blooming can split the tree and kill it. Prune it after the flowers have faded. You don't have to do that every year. Don't water too much. They don't like to stand in water. They like sandy soil and sunshine.

Is tree a plant?

yes.. obviously. It needs oxygen to live, and it gives off carbon dioxide. So yes, a tree is a plant. What describes a plant?.........now look for a tree and reflect Improved:: Yes a tree is a plant,however they do not take in oxygen and give off CO2..Its just the opposite,Trees take in the CO2 (c ( Full Answer )

Why do you not care about money?

well evryone says money isn't evrything but it sure does help its all about the love some people feel 4 another person

How do you plant a money tree?

You plant money and a seed together and it mixes together and a money tree forms no there is no such thing as a money tree people just make it up because there rich and they don't want anyone to know how there making money

How do you care for a baobab tree?

Baobab trees are fairly simple to care for, but writing this answer I'll assume you are going to bonsai them. Baobab trees like a semi loamy soil. Use 1/3 builder sand, 1/3 crushed clay, 1/3 Canadian peat moss. I like a special mixture of 1/2 Turface and 1/2 Perlite for my "clay" mixture. When yo ( Full Answer )

Is trees money?

No. Trees are not not composed of money and only have some to do with making money. Nowadays, paper money is made mostly from cotton.

On animal crossing wild world how do you plant a money tree?

You would have to find an empty space where you can see and remember where the money tree is first. If you want to take away a tree, use an axe to cut it down. It will hit the tree three times and fall. Use a golden shovel to dig out the stump. Go to your inventory. I suggest that you take out 50,00 ( Full Answer )

How do you care for an orbit tree lizard?

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Limp leaves on your money tree plant?

Either to much water, or too little. If too much the plant may show signs of yellowing as well (particularly the basal leaves)..

Why you plant trees?

(Natttt1) Planting trees is good for environmental health. Trees play a major part in sustaining life on Earth. They help filter the air by removing harmful chemicals. They exchange carbon dioxide with oxygen (just like how animals do the opposite). Trees provide shelter, shade, food, and provide hu ( Full Answer )

What tree is referred to as the money tree?

A money tree is a tree that grows money. Instead of growing pears or cherrys, bags of money will grow! To make one you have to plant money. There is a very little chance it will grow. But the larger amount of money you plant, the bigger chance there is of it growing. The highest money is 30,000. PLa ( Full Answer )

Can you plant a money tree in the garden?

Money tree doesn't give money, its just a name for the tree. Yes, of course you can plant it in a garden. Why not? Thank you for reading my answer!

Why you plant a tree?

It's because trees help humans for a long time. They are use to make paper,they have roots to prevent flood,they clean the air because plants need carbon dioxide in order to do photosynthesis.Remember,trees are plants and plants get the carbon dioxide that animals and human beings produce and they p ( Full Answer )

What is Ficus Bonsai Tree Care?

Short_history_of_Ficus_bonsai"> Short history of Ficus bonsai There are many species which have ficus genus in the world such as evergreen trees, shrubs, and woody climbers, but there are about half a dozen that are commonly used for bonsai. See the following species: ficus benjamina , ficus mi ( Full Answer )

How does the tree kangaroo care for its young?

Because tree kangaroos are marsupials, the young are born undeveloped and completely helpless. Baby joeys are about 2cm long at birth. The baby kangaroo, or joey, emerges from the birth canal, much as any mammal young does, but it is completely blind and hairless. The mother kangaroo licks a path fr ( Full Answer )

Can you plant a money tree?

Yes you can. However it doesn't give you money. Some people say that it is supposed rogue you luck

Is a banana tree a tree or a plant?

A banana is not a tree, is is the worlds tallest herbaceous plant Bananas are the largest flowering herbaceous plant. They are not trees.

Can you get a money tree?

No, I wish money trees were real, but just think if they were. What would be the point in life? You wouldn't have anything to live for because you'd already have it! You may think it's good to have everything or most things, but it's not! Money doesn't bring happiness it brings sadness because once ( Full Answer )

How do you root a money tree plant clipping?

The clippings of mo aney plant when kept in wide mouthed bottlefilled with tap water are kept in diffused light, rooting occurswith in a week. One can also apply some rooting hormones to theseclippings to get eary results.

What type of care does a money tree plant need?

The money tree requires in-direct sunlight but bright enough. Plenty of water during the summer less so during the winter. They require tempature no lower than 28 degrees and are better as a house plant.

Will direct sunlight damage a money tree plant?

No, direct sunlight will not damage a money tree plant. Money treesthrive in full sun and partial shade; outdoor plants do not needdirect sunlight. However, plants grown indoors will do best infull, bright light.