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How do you care for dwarf hamster pups that are over a week old?

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We have 4 new dwarfs. There were 7 but the mother ate 3 (either due to them being ill or not being able to feed all 7). We left them alone for 12 days and then moved them gently to a smaller cage to clean. Keep lots of food and clean water for mother (she is nursing). Today we let them out on a towel to walk for a minute and to let them know who we are. We put them back in a clean cage with soft bedding and mother to nurture and feed. At 4-5 weeks we will check the sex an separate the boys from the girls so we do not have another litter. Immediately after the birth we took the father away. (females can get pregnant within 24 hours of giving birth and can nurse one litter while being pregnant with another). If she does have another litter within 18-20 days we will take the current litter out immediately.

2011-04-25 00:17:50
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Q: How do you care for dwarf hamster pups that are over a week old?
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Can dwarf hamsters have 3 pups?

Yes. But the normal dwarf hamster litter size is 4-6. Might want to take the pups to the vet to have them checked out.

Will female hamsters take care of other hamster pups?


When can dwarf hamster pups eat seeds?

Dwarf hamsters can eat seeds one week after they are able to eat solid foods. This is when they are about 4 weeks old.

About how many pups may a female dwarf hamster have?

Anything from 1-20. It's usually about 4, 5 or 6.

Dwarf hamsters - Will the mother dwarf hamster allow inbreeding with one of her pups?

Yes she will, but do not let her! the babies are born deformed and she will eat them ! i own 17 baby dwarfs:P

Should you take out the male hamster when the female give birth of her pups?

yes! It is very important you do this! Keep him away ROM the pups! If u don't (i know it's gross but true!) he will eat them. i know because i saw one, YUCK! plz protect the pups. if it is a dwarf hamster you really don't have to!

How many babies do dwarf hamsters have?

The average litter size for a dwarf hamster is 4-6 pups. A first time litter may be smaller or have fewer survivors.4-20 usually.

How many hamsters can a hamster have?

A hamster has about 5-7 babies at one time. It depends on the breed, age and health of the hamster. Dwarf hamsters can have up to 14 pups; Syrian hamsters can have up to 24. The average litter is usually 6-10.

Is it normal for a hamster to have only 2 pups?

well i have a hamster and it only produced 2 pups so it's normal.

Emergency hamster mother has diedcan hamster father care for 8 day old pups?

It depends if they are pets you could feed the dad and take the little ones to a vet but, in the wild a hamster dad will leave them or abandon the home.

What is the name for a baby hamster?

pup charlie marlie died they are called pups. here's a web site that gives hamster care advice

Does a dad hamster eats its own pups?

no the female will

How many pups do hamsters normally have?

Depending on which type of hamster you have they can have a litter from 2-3 or a litter larger than 15. But on average Dwarf hamsters have 10-13 pups, Syrian hamsters have 8-13 pups, and Teddy-bear hamsters have 15-17 pups. That's the averages but you can't predict because it might surprise you on how many they do have. Just plan for the most.

How many pups can a hamster have at one time?

hamsters can have anywhere from 2 to 20 pups at one time.

When and how do you separate hamster pups?

Im pretty hamster pups start to fight at about 7 weeks so seperate them at about 5 1/2 to 6 weeks.I do not know how to seperate them.

Can the hamster go over the gestation period and remain pregnant?

You have to see how long it is over the gestation period. If it is really over the gestation period, your hamster may not even be pregnant at all. There are cases of false pregnancy where the hamster is not pregnant just showing the signs of pregnancy or it could have reabsorbed all the pups.

How much time to have a hamster litter born?

It takes about 3 weeks for a hamster to produce a litter of pups.

What happens to the pups if a Short Haired Syrian hamster mates with a Panda Bear hamster?

you will probably get a mix

Why does your hamster move her newborn pups to different places in the cage?

My hamster is moving all her babys out of her bed

What are golden hamster babies called?

They're called hamster pups, but some people call them pinkies.

What is the name of baby hamster?

I think they are called pups or something

What are baby hamster called?

Baby hamsters are called "pups".

When will you be able to see the hamster babies?

It takes about 15-21 days for a hamster to have pups, If it is a Chinese hamster it will most likely take 21 days:).

What do you do when your hamster is giving birth?

The best thing you can do when a Hamster Gives Birth is to: 1. Remove the Male Dwarf Hamster. ( If female Dwarf Hamster gave Birth ) 2. Just add some extra bedding. 3. Lower the Water Bottle Height so the pups can reach it. 4. Add some pieces of Toilet Paper and have some extra food given. 5. Place a Hot Water Sack Below the Cage to keep it Warm. For more Information, visit:

How do you tell if your Dwarf Hamster is pregnant?

Well It tends to eat and drink more than it usually does. Also you will definitely notice a bulging belly and more aggressiveness. Before birth is due, she will create a nest for her pups.