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How do you care for newborn molly fish?


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March 17, 2008 6:06PM

hi, 1st thing is to remove the babies/frys to a different tank.. possible a 1 feet x 1 feet tank with a sponge filter. 2. get minutely grinded fish flakes or u can beat the fish pellets with small beater/hammer /stone and grind them to powder. 3. fill a small container with this food as u wil need this powdered food for atleast 2-3weeks. 4.feed moderate amount as per no of babies.. feeding should be 2-3 times a day. donot use power filters or any high suction equipment which might kill the fries. put some plastic plants so the fries can hide and play around. put some good light . good food light and water wil make them grow fast. u can add the fries back to main tank after hey are more then 25m long (1 inch) enjoy. Ashish Panchal