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little tip on how to take care of hairWell first thing to do is when you wash your hair put a treatment in it and then while blow drying it comb it, have your blow dryer on low, then when finished make sure to oil the scalp and do not put any straight irons in it or curling irons, make sure if you want curls to use rollers and if you what straight blow dry it straight.

Try buying some hair products now don't go overboard and start buying out everything ,just buy a little bit of everything .Instead of going to a salon try doing it yourself. It will save more money .One tip i suggest in leaving that hairstyle in for a long time is to wrap your hair.If you don't know how to well learn ask a beauty stylist or a freind.Wrapping keeps your hair spilt ends and keeps in your shine or curls.If you have rough edges try putting some leave in conditioner around your edges and get a separate scarf or hair-tie at night around your edges.Then you can get another hair tie to keep in the of your hair.

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What jobs are there in a hair and beauty salon?

people with this job can be an janitor,do hair,do nails,and even can work the cash register.

How do you do a hair code on YoVille?

you cant get a hair code! you can go to the salon and buy hair with coins or yo-cash but there is no hair code

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Buy a hair coupon from the Cash Shop and take it to the hair salon in the town you picked or you can also do a quest to get a free hair coupon in Amoria. The quest is called "Amoria: Beauty or Beast". You can find the girl in Amoria's hair salon.

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The sticker price is either for cash or financing. The car company doesnt care if u give them cash or the bank gives them cash. It is easier to negotiate when paying cash tho

What is a tanning technician?

A tanning technician is the person who works at a tanning salon. They can provide you with information about tanning and have most likely tanned themselves. They can do many things in the salon, including shutting down the store for the day, balancing the cash register, consulting with their clients and much more.

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through paying cash ordered from your doctor or health care from your doctor.

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Education you need to open your own hair salon?

You need A beauty license, You will have to go to school to get it.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Well that's to work in the salon. To "OWN" one all you need is the facility cash tools supplies, and A business license, and any other local code stuff. There is no real schooling needed to own A business.

Can how you make journal entry of petty cash expenses in F7 tally 9?

You can do this through Excel. Just put in the petty cash information how it is and the button will help take care of the rest.

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a game owner that dosent care about the abuse players take in game , dosent care about people using banned slogans of terrorist organisations and dosent care about anything other than taking your cash

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Yes they get insurance they have to work dont they... they get at least 500000 in cash for dental and health care......lamo

Where can someone borrow cash online until payday?

You can borrow cash online until pay day from Wonga. However, you need to exercise care when borrowing from lenders such as this as one small debt can spiral into a debt problem.

Would I get a better deal for my wedding ring from a pawn shop or a cash for gold company?

Assuming your ring is primarly made out of high quality gold, you would get more from a cash for gold company. However, you really won't get all that much from either. If you can affoard to take some extra time, your best bet would be to try selling it on Ebay. Certainly a pawn shop. " Cash For Gold " is just that, cash for gold. They don't care what it is. They will give you " Cash For Gold. " They don't advertise " Cash For Your Wedding Ring. "

Why doesn't the government ban drugs?

cuz they make a lotta cash Cause the government hasn't lost someone they love to drugs that they care about.

Why isn't the super bowl game on Saturday?

Money. Saturday is one more day to promote the game and cash in. They don't care about the fans.

Are life insurance proceeds taxable for the care of an individual in a nursing home?

if they are death benefit proceeds no. if it is cash value proceeds then any withdrawals over the premiums paid are taxable, any loans on the cash value are not taxable. if it is a hybrid/combo life/long term care policy, then no they are not. all of this is assuming that the policy was paid with after tax dollars, not pre tax.

Where is cash account located on the cash flow statement?

Answer:The cash flow statement explains the change in cash (and cash equivalents) over the period. The cash in- and outflows are categorized into operating, investing and financing cash flows. The sum of these cash flows is the change in cash, which will equal the ending balance minus the beginning balance of cash. Since the cash flow explains the change in cash, cash itself is not included in the calculation of the change in cash.

Give the duties and responsibilities of a home nurse?

to provide a continuum of care.To provide proper help for acute care cases, or to provide the old people with assistance who doesn't care for themselves.Its cheaper on Medicare to pay home health agencies then to kick out the cash for long term care..