How do you care for relaxed hair with roots and there is no salon near you and you are low on cash?

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"little_tip_on_how_to_take_care_of_hair" id=

"little_tip_on_how_to_take_care_of_hair">little tip on how to take

care of hair

Well first thing to do is when you wash your hair put a treatment

in it and then while blow drying it comb it, have your blow dryer

on low, then when finished make sure to oil the scalp and do not

put any straight irons in it or curling irons, make sure if you

want curls to use rollers and if you what straight blow dry it


Try buying some hair products now don't go overboard and start

buying out everything ,just buy a little bit of everything .Instead

of going to a salon try doing it yourself. It will save more money

.One tip i suggest in leaving that hairstyle in for a long time is

to wrap your hair.If you don't know how to well learn ask a beauty

stylist or a freind.Wrapping keeps your hair spilt ends and keeps

in your shine or curls.If you have rough edges try putting some

leave in conditioner around your edges and get a separate scarf or

hair-tie at night around your edges.Then you can get another hair

tie to keep in the of your hair.

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