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How do you care for the a houseplant called string of pearls?

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September 12, 2011 11:48PM

i have grown pearl plant for about 3 years now. it sits in a south window in my kitchen year round. this window is shaded in summer by trees close by. in winter it seems to do better . in January it blooms on the side nearest the window. blooms are on long stems that come from the ends of the "string". flowers are white and smell strongly of cinnamon. each bloom lasts about 7-10 days. i give plant food lightly about every 3 months. new starts are by cuttings put in small pots and allowing to root . water sparingly in cool months. more in summer. let dry out thoroughly between waterings. don't baby it. just leave it alone and check it once in a while.

i started with a 2 inch pot i bought at a local wal-mart. now i have 2 large pots and have given starts to others. i live in Oklahoma where we can have drastic weather changes so i keep mine indoors in the same spot year round. hope this helps someone.