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Dont worry about this new person. Sometimes people can use what you tell them in your old relationship to make you feel less than a woman or man. If you feel this way you need to find somebody who wont make you feel this way.

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Q: How do you carry on with a new relationship when you have been cheated on in the past and it feels like the new person is using you?
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What do you do if you and your boyfriend were in love and you cheated?

You can't have been in love if you could be so cruel as to cheat on him. Seriously, just let him go. No one deserves to be cheated on, I know how it feels and you can never look at the person the same. Start a new relationship with someone else, and this time remember how wrong and disgusting cheating is. Sorry.

When you love a man how much of your heart do you give to him?

Be sure you know what kind of person he is. I know what it feels like to be cheated on it really hurts. Be safe.

How do i know if a relationship is getting serious?

Ask the other person how he or she feels, where the relationship is going, if it's time to take the next step.

How does it feels to be cheated?

when u find out that u have bin cheated on u start to feel helpless,sad,lonely,depressed and most of all stupid because u honestly trusted that person and they jus let u down:(

What should you do if your boyfriend thinks your cheating when you are not?

* Jealousy has no place in a loving relationship and trust and good communication skills is a must. If you always have to prove to him you aren't cheating then your relationship will surely fail. Communicate with him and ask him why he feels you are cheating when you are not. It's possible he has been cheated on before or perhaps even one of his parents cheated and he is paranoid over this. If he is not willing to discuss this problem and resolve it with you then it would be to your best interest to break off the relationship.

What is the Meaning of tears don't fall by bullet for my valentine?

It's about a man who has done something to really hurt his partner (Cheated ect.) and he feels really bad. He feels the pain that he's caused her and regrets it. He feels like he has killed her (Not litteraly) or the relationship by what he's done. It's just an idea, so it might not be right(;

What does it mean when a girl your boyfriend cheated on you with keeps staring at you?

She probably feels bad after what she did to you. Even if you now hate her after what she did to you she feels the same way as he was her boyfriend too

What do it mean when you have been in a relationship for a week and it feels like a long time?

it means u luv the person very much

What is relationship addiction?

In a nut shell it is a someone who is not be able to be alone. He or She must be in a relationship to function in life thus it is an addiction. Because without being in a relationship the person feels useless. Not true of course but some feel them must have a relationship to be someone.

Why do lesbian women still want back there cheating ex girlfriend?

It's just like any other relationship with cheating. Although the person who was cheated on feels hurt, they also feel alone and abandoned. In this situation, the woman needs to feel wanted and needed, so she will take back her ex-girlfriend.

Why does Becky have to take the initative in their relationship?

Maybe she just feels he doesn't do anything to motivate their relationship. She probably feels she needs to take charge.

What does it mean when a person feels marginalized?

The person feels like an outsider of a group.

What to do when you don't sleep or care about the person you live with but you feel you can't leave?

I am a 52 year old woman who I guess has it all but can't live with the person she is with but feels she can't leave not abused or cheated on just can't deal with the man that is here

What is happening when a person feels marginalized?

A. he feels outside the group

What is it called when a person feels what another person feels by touching them?

When a person feels what another person feels by touching them it is called Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or someone that is very astute of human nature and then it is called intuition.

How long should a person wait to get into a serious relationship after divorce?

Depends on how that person feels and believes what a relationship is. There are those who still believe a relationship is forever and if it dies, they grieve the loss as death itself and the time to start another relationship is as long as the grieving process takes. Then there's the Hollywood relationship where the serious relationship is already ongoing before the actual divorce. So it depends on the individual and his/her environment.

You went out with a guy that cheated on you then dumped you and got another girl who cheated on him and he asked me if I wanted go for a run with him to train for cross country does he like me?

Plain and simple this young man does not respect young women. He cheated on you; broke up with you and thankfully his new girlfriend cheated on him so he may now get the drift of how terrible it feels to be cheated on, but it is highly unlikely this will make him a better person. He's in between girlfriends and lonely at this point. You would be wise not to go on that run for his training for cross country skiing as he would only be using you.

What will you do if you doesnt love the person the way he feels for you?

The best thing to do if tell him nicely and calm that you don't love him. The get out of the relationship. Because if you don't the relationship won't workout you'll have problems and argument's.

Should you kiss a boy on your first date?

It depends on age, the extent to which a relationship connection is made during the date and how comfortable a person feels. There is no set answer.

What does 'the feeling's mutual' mean?

It means the person who said it feels the same way the person they said it to feels.

A person feeling weight of air feels?

a person feeling the weight of air feels

Why does Norman Bowker carry a thumb?

because he feels like it

Did this kiss mean something to him too?

It depends on your relationship with him and how he feels about you.

Why won't your boyfriend admit that he cheated after you have all the evidence that he did?

Your boyfriend won't admit that he cheated because that is admitting fault and that he did something wrong. He also is probably hoping that if he continues to deny everything that you will eventually give up and believe him. Or he may not want to admit that he cheated because he feels that he may lose you if he is truthful.

What is the hinky pinky for a dead person who feels bad?

The hinky pinky for a dead person who feels bad is crummy mummy

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