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How do you cast spells?

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Actually, as long as you believe in and are focused on the spell and the power of magick you can cast a spell...

There are spells you can find online with detailed instructions. Try Google searching things like witchcraft. Most things you could want to cast a spell for can be found online. I also recommend finding pagan or Wiccan forums.

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How do you cast spells in Harry Potter 6?

you can cast spells by click on the mouse.

Can the religion Christians cast spells?

casting spells could be considered witchcraft and that is of Satan. so no, Christians can not cast spells neither do we want to.

What are merlin's spells?

Spells said to be cast by the great wizard Merlin.

What do you do to be a witch?

Cast spells

Can witches cast spells?


What did Neville Longbottom do?

cast spells?

Can a fairy cast spells?

Fairies are not real. They can not cast any spells or make wishes come true or make you able to fly.

Does Harry Potter learn to cast spells?

Harry Potter learns to cast spells in the first book. In the first book harry learns to cast expeliarmus which he uses through all the books. Many more spells are learned.

Who casts spells on Halloween?

No one. Casting spells is a fantasy.Another view:I have cast spells and plenty of people in the US who are sincere practitioners of various pagan religions do cast spells. They would consider calling their religious rituals mere fantasy as insulting. Individuals from various pagan faiths do cast actual literal spells on Halloween, and so do some who call themselves "Devil Worshipers." However, the success of their spells is unknown.

Are abilities spells on magic the gathering?

Abilities are not spells, but note that creatures and all other cards (but lands) are only spells in the moment they are cast and on the stack. So if you cast a creature spell, it's not a spell after it resolves.

What can a bruja do?

Cast good or evil spells

How do you raise magika in oblivion?

Cast spells

What did Neville Longbottoms wand do?

cast spells?

How do you use the word spells in a sentence?

My son is only in grade three, but he spells very well. The witch would cast many spells on people.

Can twincast copy a spell in the graveyard?

No. Only spells in the stack (cast spells that hasn't resolved yet).

Is casting harmfull spells on another illegal in the US?

Cast away- spells do not work. Harmful or helpful.

What are some good spells for beginners Witchcraft?

Simple easy spells to cast that DO NOT have backfires if done night.

How do you cast a spell over someone?

You cannot. The ability to cast spells is a fantasy.

How do you improve your magic in runescape?

Um cast spells.

How do you cast spells on roblox?

you need the donateee shirt

Can you cast a spell on your self?

No. Spells aren't real.

How do you cast a spell on a man?

You can't. Spells are not real.

What is the role of a high priest in casting spells?

The role of a high priest in casting spells is that the priest can cast more powerful spells in which a normal spell caster cannot complete. The high priest specializes in love spells.

Do you have to cast spells in Wicca?

Spells and incantations are the Wiccan form of prayer.AnswerWiccans may use spells as a form of prayer, but not all Pagans use magick. You can be a pagan and not a wiccan.

How do you cast Harry Potter spells without bringing evil?

Harry Potter spells are fictitious, they do not work in real life.