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How do you catch Entei in Pokemon FireRed?


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I think you can. Because on Fire red/ Leafgreen catching Entei, Raikou or Suicine depends on which starting Pokemon you choose.

If you choose:

- Charmander then you can catch Suicune (Water)

- Squirtle then you can catch Raikou (Thunder)

- Bulbasaur then you can catch Entei (Fire)

Entei, Suicune, and/or Raikou will appear in the wild on the lands of Kanto after you have beaten the Elite Four and become Champion. However, only one will appear according to your starter!

Get plenty of max repels and run through some grass,then if you don't find him then go into a building and come back out and do it again.

they are level 50
Once you beat the elite four and gain the national dex, Entei will randomly appear in Kanto if you chose Bulbasaur as the starter.
It will roam the Knto region if you chose BULBASAUR as your starter )if you chose Squirtle it is going to be Raikou, if you chose Charmander it is going to be Suicune)
First you have to beat the elite four and have bulbasaur as your starter then it'll be a wild goose chase just like latias and latios on ruby and sapphire.
the only way to get a entei is if you pick bulbasour
You have to have picked Bulbasaur as your starter Pokemon. Here,

*Entei-- Pick Bulbasaur as your starter

*Suicune-- Pick Charmander as you starter

*Raiku-- Pick Squirtle as your starter

It's what ever your starters weakness is.

Hope this helps and good luck!


your starter has to be bulbasaur you can find it anywhere after you beat the elite four and have your national dex if you have already seen it go to any grass save your game then if its not in your area turn off your game and see if he is in your area every time you turn off your game he moves

This will only work if you chose Bulbasuar as your starter first beat the Pokemon league then you will find him in the grass he appears most around route six he is at level 50 and knows ember, fire spin, roar, and must have chosen your starter as a bulbasaur, beat the elite for, and then it will be roaming around wild in kanto. you must catch it.

You must choose bulbasur as a starter, then you need to get the ruby and sapphire. you will find him randomly by walking in the grass.

If you get Bulbasaur at the beginning, then you can see Entei running around in the grass after you beat the Elite 4.

you have to have bulbasaur as a starter pokemon, beat the elite 4 and have a rainbow pass. you will eventually runinto it on one of the routes. (to get suicune you need to start with charmander and raiku you start with squritle). Easiest place to find it is route 1.